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Natalia Grigor

Natalia Grigor

Principal Set Designer, Stage Mnagement

Ms Grigor graduated from the Nezhdanova Odessa State Conservatory specializing in piano playing in 1961.

She has been working at the Odessa Opera since 1960. Ms Grigor started working as a concertmaster, continued to work as a stage manager. Between 2003 and 2009 she worked as an assistant to the Principal Stage Director.

She managed all events arranged by authorities on the Odessa Opera stage and other theatres of the city as well as a number of performances in Moscow, Minsk, cities of Italy, Spain, Portugal, China, Taiwan, Lebanon, Bulgaria and etc. She has toured with the Odessa Opera Company as a concert master. She managed Eugenia Miroshchnichenko’s solo concert in Odessa and some concerts of other outstanding opera singers.

She also managed complicated in production opera and ballet performances, such as Viy by Vitaly Gubarenko, Peter the First by Andrey Petrov and A Sunday in July by Vladimir Rubin and etc.

At  present she manages all the oper and ballet productions in the repertory of the theatre.

Тел. +38(048) 780-15-34, 36-47-85