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11 Mar

Debut! Ballet dancer will appear as a new character!

 Ballet dancer Ekaterina Burdik will first perform the part of The Courage Fairy in the ballet "The Sleeping Beauty" by P. Tchaikovsky on March 11. The ballet is shown as a part of the choreographic festival for the 200th anniversary of the great ballet master Marius Petipa.

Cast :

Princess Aurora - Natalia Ivasenko

Prince Desire - Dmitriy Sharay

The Lilac Fairy - Ekaterina Kalchenko

The evil fairy Carabosse - Honoured Artist of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Statnyy

King Florestan XIV - Nikolay Reshetnyov

Queen - Ksenia Kravchenko

The King of Florestan's master-of-ceremonies - Nikolay Vorivodin

 Kind fairies:

The Tenderness Fairy - Daria Gorodilova

The Vividness Fairy - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Olga Rozhevich

The Generosity Fairy - Olga Pilipeyko

The Serenity Fairy - Anna Tyutyunnik

The Courage Fairy - Ekaterina Burdik (debut)

Princes, cavaliers, chief pages - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Sergey Dotsenko, Dmitriy Bartosh, Vitaliy Rozdaybeda, Bogdan Chabanyuk

The Jewels Fairies:

The Diamond Fairy - Ekaterina Burdik

The Sapphire Fairy, The Gold Fairy, The Silver Fairy - Anastasia Varankina, Elina Kanunikova, Irina Skrynnik

The little maids of honour of Princess Aurora - Ekaterina Bartosh, Rosana Barba-Napolez, Anna Tyutyunnik, Elena Yarchuk

The maids of honour of Princess Aurora - Ekaterina Burdik, Viktoria Berezhnaya, Elina Kanunikova, Elena Lavrinenko

Heroes of fairy tales:

Princess Florina - Olga Pilipeyko

The Blue bird - Denis Vasilyev

The White Cat - Ekaterina Bartosh

Puss-in-Boots - Ruslan Talipov

Little Red Riding Hood - Ksenia Zakharchenko

The Gray Wolf - Pavel Grits

The Fairy Carabosse’s retinue, butlers, knitters, guards, courtiers – the ballet artists and supernumeraries of the theatre.

 The ballet, supernumeraries, orchestra of the theatre, the students of the exemplary ensemble of classical dance "Fuete" of the Children's Art School No. 4 (head - M. Kozyar, A. Pogoretskaya) and the Odessa Children's Choreographic School (director - O. Knizhnik) take part in the play.


Conductor - Igor Chernetskiy