Magazine "Afisha Odessy" (Odessa's Guide): Jubilee Night with Elena Baranovskaya

23 Apr

The jubilee night with prima-ballerina of the Odessa Opera is going to take place on April 28, 2013. Elena has been working in the theatre for 27 years and has become a real celebrity. The prima has danced all the principal parts in the classical repertoire, has toured more than 30 countries and even danced on the same stage with Rudolf Nureyev (having become the only Ukrainian ballerina who took part in his farewell tour). (published in Russian)

"Culturemeter": the premiere of La Serva Padrona on Bel-Etage small stage of the Odessa Opera House

23 Apr

In Russian

The Grad TV: operatic tenor Valery Benderov

10 Apr

Operatic tenor Valery Benderov, Honored Artist of Ukraine, reveals the secrets of the dramatic and vocal arts and his professional life (RUS)

GRAD TV: The Odessa Opera Inside

2 Apr

The time got still in The Odessa Opera for one day. The company will not perform on April 2. Now the stage looks like gigantic undraped machinery. The workers are fixing an elevating safety box where all the sets are kept. (RUS)

Club Yat': Greetings on April 1 or “Go to the dogs with your Opera!”

1 Apr

Those who think that Opera is a serious thing are, оf course, right. However, operatic singers love laughing a lot as well. Amusing incidents are not frequent but still occur during the performances. Either “ the assassin” leaves the stage before he kills the” hero’ and the “hero” is alive for some reason or a “demon” says the words that cannot be said by the representative of the evil… (RUS)

The Grad TV channel: Odessa Opera Company is preparing to 2nd International Fest of Arts

28 Mar

Running commentary of the Grad TV channel (rus)

“Dumskaya.net”: “Wardrobe” of the Odessa Opera has eight hundred costumes. The oldest costume is more than a hundred years old

28 Mar

Everybody knows the saying that the theatre starts at the cloakroom. Any person ever visited the theatre has seen the theatre cloakroom. You cannot say that about the cloakroom where the Odessa Opera costumes are kept. Only the “Dumskaya” readers can see it (rus).

Running commentary of the Third Digital Channel about free excursions to the Opera House

28 Mar

There were three free excursions to the Opera House on March 27, 2013. Everyone was welcome. Running commentary of the Third Digital Channel. "All on the Third", off the air on 27.03.2013 (rus).

The Nova Odesa TV channel about free excursions to the Odessa Opera House

28 Mar

Running commentary of the Nova Odesa TV channel about free excursions to the Odessa Opera House on March 27, 2013m the International Day of Theatre. "9 pm News with Irina Korobko", 27.03.2013 (rus)

15 Mar

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