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About Ludwig Minkus

Ludwig MINKUS (1826 – 1917) was an Austrian composer, a violin virtuoso and conductor of Czech origin who dedicated his talent to ballet music. 

MINKUS’s gift to music emerged early. By the age of four he started taking private lessons in the violin at the Music Friends Society in Vienna. The boy made his public début at the age of eight.

In 1846 Minkus left for Paris where he gave regular concerts. His first five pieces for the violin were published in the same year. It did not take long for Minkus to get the position of the first violinist in The Royal Opera of Vienna.

However, MINKUS became really famous as a violin virtuoso and composer only in Russia where he emigrated in early 1850s. Due to his ability to work hard and his talent Ludwig MINKUS made a breath-taking career from the position of a conductor of the prince Nikolai YUSUPOV Serf orchestra to the post of Professor of Moscow Conservatory in The Violin Class.

MINKUS debuted in Russia as a ballet composer in 1863 with the ballet The Flame of Love, or The Salamander. After the premiere of Don Quixote in Marius PETIPA’s production MINKUS took the place of the first ballet composer in the Board of Imperial Theatres. Minkus created 16 ballets in collaboration with Marius PETIPA. Two of them, namely La Bayadère and Don Quixote, became the most popular.

Light music, full of rich, lively melodies and having uncomplicated, regularly phrased rhythmic and orchestral structure, is the secret of long life of the MINKUS’s ballets that are cherished on the best stages of the world nowadays.


    December, 2018