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Act I

A square in sunny Barcelona is full of dances and music. Young toreadors, peasants in their best outfits, young men from Cataluña are amazed with the dance of Lorenzo’s daughter, charming Kitri. She does not notice other men as her heart belongs to Basilio, a poor barber, who shortly appears in the square with a guitar in hands. Lorenzo interrupts a tender dance of two lovers, as he strongly dislikes his daughter’s beloved. The innkeeper has already promised his daughter’s hand to the wealthy nobleman Gamache.

The street party resumes. A street dancer, a stunning Mercedes and Espada, the principal toreador entertain the spectators with their dances.

Amidst the merriment Don Quixote and Sancho Panza appear in the square. Lorenzo invites the knight to his house. Taking Lorenzo for the lord of a famous castle Don Quixote agrees.

Noticing Kitri the noble hidalgo acclaims her as his beautiful Dulcinea, the dame of his heart, and partners her in a minuet.

Kitri and Basilio run away to stay alone. Lorenzo, Gamache and Don Quixote with his loyal sword bearer follow them. 


    December, 2018