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Act II

The set of gypsy tavern opens its doors to the Spanish rhythms. Kitri and Basilio are hiding here. The gypsy duet is performed after the clarinet’s solo; hot Andalusia dances of Espada and Mercedes follow the gypsy duet.

Lorenzo, Gamache, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza enter the tavern to the playful march. Kitri’s father wants to announce the engagement of his daughter and Gamache but Basilio acts out a scene of committing a suicide. Don Quixote begs Lorenzo to give his blessing to the union of Kitri and “dying” Basilio. Taking pity Lorenzo agrees and the young man immediately “gets back” to life. It was just a joke.

The day is breaking... A gypsy camp is in the field. The sleepy morning is ruined by the brisk gypsy dance. Don Quixote is delighted with the entertainment. The gypsies decide to play a trick with the knight. The noble hidalgo does not understand the joke and chases them away with a spear. Exhausted, Don Quixote falls asleep.

In his fantastic dream the knight gets into the Kingdom of Dryads. These creatures take turns dancing for him. At last his imagination draws an image of his beloved Dulcinea who has a strong resemblance with Kitri. 


    October, 2018