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Mystery of the Vienna Woods

Mystery of the Vienna Woods

Score by Gustav Mahler and Johann Strauss II
Ballet in 2 acts
Libretto by Jury Vasyuchenko, Honoured Artist of Russia

Running time with interval: 1 hour 30 min

Producing Ballet Master – Jury Vasyuchenko, Honoured Artist of Russia
Author for music concept and producing conductor – Oksana Lyniv
Producing Designer – Natalia Bevzenko-Zinkina, Honored Painter of Ukraine
Costume Designer – Natalya Badanina
Stage Manager – Natalia Grigor, Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine


The famous Vienna Wood is beautiful and mysterious. Poets, artists and composers have created wonderful pieces of art inspired by the wood. The authors for the ballet Mystery of the Vienna Wood inspired by the real love story of Crown Prince Rudolf and Baroness Mary von Vetsera, as well as by Johannes Strauss and Gustav Mahler’s music have turned the story into the legend giving it a new life in art.


Act І

Emperor of Austria and His Advisors decide to sell the Vienna Wood to boost the thin coffers. Troll, the guardian of the Wood, calls up the wood spirits and dryads. They decide together how to prevent the disaster of their home wood destruction.

The ball reception is taking place in the Imperial castle located in Vienna suburbs. The guests are waltzing and dancing sparkling polkas. A bit aside from the dancing couples Emperor of Austria is discussing the timber sale arrangement with Joseph, the timber dealer.

Sly Troll is invisibly directing the ball reception. He drives Maria, Joseph’s fiancée to Crown Prince Rudolf. When the young man and the girl come across each other they fall in love at first sight and agree about a date in the Vienna Wood.

The party is over. Emperor is signing the timber sale contract.

Joseph and his friends are celebrating a profitable deal in the pub. In the meantime Maria and Rudolf meet in the wood. Waking around they get to the pub. Joseph notices the lovers. Raging he tries to stab the heir of Austrian throne. Maria rushes to protect her beloved and gets a deadly stab… The girl dies in Rudolf’s arms.

Act II

Rudolf is longing for his beloved. Three Fairies of the Wood – The Fairy of Fire, The Fairy of Water and The Fairy of Air – are trying to take the prince into the world of dreams and oblivion.

However, he resists their charm. Troll offers a deal to the young man: Rudolf will get back Maria if the young man protects the Wood from destruction.

Prince challenges Joseph. All the wood’s inhabitants help Rudolf. At last the villain is prostrate. The wood spirits are giving Maria back to Crown Prince. The lovers are finally united. Everybody is celebrating the triumph of good over evil, the triumph of light and beauty.

The Cast

  • Emperor  –  Yuriy Medvedev, Igor Sarazhinskiy
  • Crown Prince – Honoured Artist of Ukraine Sergiy Dotsenko , Honored Artist of the Republic of  Moldova Vladimir Statniy, Stanislav Skrynnik, Dmytro Sharay
  • Joseph, timber dealer – Vadim Krusser, Bogdan Tchabanyuk
  • Maria, Joseph’s fiancée – Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova Maria Polyudova, Olena Dobraynska, Oleksandra Vorobyova, Catherina Kalchenko, Ellina Pokhodnykh
  • Troll, guardian of the Vienna Wood – Stanislav Varankin. Pavlo Gryts, Victor Tomashek, Dennis Tchernyak
  • The Water Fairy – Honoured Artist of Ukraine Olga Rozhevich,  Anastasia Bannikova, Catherina Burdik, Maria Ryazantseva
  • The Fire Fairy – Catherina Bartosh, Natalia Inasenko, Olena Kondratyeva, Ganna Tyutyunnik
  • The Air Fairy – Honoured Artist of Ukraine Olga Rozhevich,  Anastasia Bannikova, Catherina Burdik, Maria Ryazantseva

Woodmen, dryads, nymphs, trolls – the Odessa Ballet artists

Voice – Honoured Artist of Ukraine Natalia Shevchenko, Iryna Oleksiv, Catherina Tzymbalyuk


  • cello – Natalya Marmusevych, Volodymir Avryatov
  • harp – Svetlana Zavadska, Nina Philippova
  • flute – Oleksandr Protas, Pavlo Kotovshchikov
  • piccolo flute – Yury Smaglyuk, Vasyl Molchanov
  • oboe – Oleksandr Tchupyra
  • trumpet – Vytaly Buynitsky, Vytaly Pashkovsky


Honoured Artist of Ukraine Igor Shavruk, Vytaly Kovalchuk


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March, 2018