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Prologue. The Kingdom of Lions

There is animation and joy in the jungle. All the animals heartily share the joy as their would-be king, a little lion called Simba, was born.

Suddenly, sly and hungry Hyenas attack helpless animals and birds at the midst of animation. Lions and Tigers chase them away.

Tigers invite everybody to join the Simba’s birthday party.

Scene One. Birthday party

Mufasa, Simba’s father, shows the new-born lion to the inhabitants of the kingdom: wild birds, parrots, lions, flowers and lianas. Everybody greets the happy family.
Simba starts dancing with other little lions. He meets little Nala.

At the end of the celebration Mufasa shows his kingdom to his son. The tired guests go to have some rest.

Scene Two. The Kingdom of Hyenas

Shansi, The Queen of the Hyenas and Panthers, wants to become the Queen of the Jungle. She and her subordinates make up a smart plan of Mafasa and Simba’s double murder.

In the meantime Simba, Nala, Zazu and their friends carelessly near the spring. All of the sudden the hyenas attack them. Simba and Nala get into the trap while all the others run away.

Mufasa hurries to save the kids. He chases the hyenas away but Shansi stabs the lion to death. When Simba understands that his father is dead he runs away.

The lions appear. They pay honors to the dead king and go to look for Simba. Simba blames himself in his father’s death. Being hungry and lonely he hides in the jungle. 


    April, 2018