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Scene Three. Thick of the Jungle

Sleeping Simba is noticed by two friends, Timon and Pumba who play nearby. They feed the little lion and try to cheer him up.

Time has passed. Simba has grown up and become a big lion but he does not remember that in reality he is the King of the Jungle.

One day a lioness attacks Pumba. Simba saves his friend. He recognized Nala in the beautiful lioness.

She tells Simba about sufferings of the Kingdom inhabitants who are now under Shansi’s rule. The lioness asks Simba to get his throne back. He refuses as he thinks that he is guilty in the death of his father. Insulted Nala runs away.

Simba stays alone. He appears to hear his father’s voice and remembers himself to be little and hungry. Our hero decides to take revenge on Shansi.

Scene Four. The Kingdom of Hyenas

Simba runs after Nala and tells her about his decision.

The hyenas take food from the kingdom inhabitants and they starve to death.

Timon and Pumba enter and distract Shansi. In the meantime Simba and Nala appear. The animals recognize their king. The battle starts. The hyenas and panthers are defeated. Shansi begs for mercy and Simba let her go.

Scene Five. The Kingdom of Lions

The big and little lions, parrots and other birds celebrate the victory over hyenas and Simba and Nala’s wedding.

Shansi and her subordinates come to them. The Queen of Hyenas asks to forgive them and let them live in the Kingdom of Lions. The animals agree but tell her not to violate the Jungle Law.

All misfortunes are over. The happy animals and plants are enjoying life. 


    March, 2018