The Sleeping Beauty

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The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty

Ballet in 2 acts with a prologue
Libretto by Ivan VSEVOLOZHSKY and Marius PETIPA
After fairy tales by Charles PERRAULT
Choreography by Marius PETIPA

Performed with 2 intervals
Running time with intervals: 2 hours 40 min

Igor SHAVRUK, Honoured Artist of Ukraine
Vadim PEREVOZNIKOV, Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine

Principal Choreographer:
Yuri VASYUCHENKO, Honoured Artist of Russia
Producing Ballet Master:
Volodymir TROSHCHENKO, Honoured Artist of Chuvash Republic
Stage Designer:
Natalia BEVZENKO-ZINKINA, Honoured Painter of Ukraine

Producing Staff

Ballet Masters and Ballet Mistresses:
Natalia BARYSHEVA, People’s Artist of Ukraine 
Olena BARANOVSKA, People’s Artist of Ukraine 
Michael PETUKHOV, People’s Artist of Ukraine 
Nina STOYAN, Honoured Artist of Ukraine 
Yury KARLIN, Honoured Artist of Ukraine

Anastasia MARUSHKO 

Ballet Manager – Harry SEVOYAN, Honoured Artist of Ukraine
Assistant Choreographer – Maya MAMLEYEVA
Stage Manager – Natalya GRIGOR, Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine
Backstage Director – Victor YANCHUK
Lighting Designer – Vyacheslav USHERENKO
Chief Stage-setter – Viktor MELESHKO
Makeup Artists – Olena VASYLCHUK, Yevgenia GALENKO 

Principal Conductor – Alexandru SAMOILĂ, People's Artist of the Republic of Moldova
Pricipal Stage Director - Oksana TARANENKO  


Time: Baroque
Place: Europe


A fairy-tale King and his Queen are celebrating the birth of their first child, Princess Aurora. The happy parents and courtiers get together around the cradle. The kind Fairies are bestowing gifts on the baby.

Catallabutte, the Master of Ceremonies tells that the evil fairy Carabosse is about to arrive. They forgot to invite her for the party and, infuriated, she is hurrying up here anyway.

The King and Queen are begging Carabosse for mercy, but she shows none. Carabosse predicts that a young Aurora will prick her finger on a spindle and die on her sixteenth birthday.

The guests are horrified… However, the Lilac Fairy, Aurora’s Godmother, intervenes and alters the prediction. Aurora will not die; she will just fall asleep to be woken by the kiss of a handsome prince.

Act I

Celebrations are underway in the palace. It is the day of Princess Aurora's sixteenth birthday. Suitors came to seek for the princess’s hand from all over the world.

Suddenly, an old woman in a dark cloak appears and offers a gift to the princess: a spindle. Pricking her finger on the spindle Aurora falls into a swoon and collapses. The cloaked woman reveals herself to be Carabosse: her prediction has become true.

The Lilac Fairy appears. She calms everybody down and reminds the King and Queen that Aurora is merely asleep for 100 years. Not to let the princess be lonely after awakening the Lilac Fairy casts a spell of slumber over the entire kingdom and everybody falls asleep following the magic wand movement.

Act II

One hundred years later, Prince Désiré is hunting in a magic garden with his companions. The Lilac Fairy appears and shows him a vision of Aurora. The prince recognizes the girl who he often saw in his dreams. Following his heart the prince strives to find the beautiful princess.

The Lilac Fairy takes the prince to the enchanted kingdom. Désiré ruins the spell with a kiss and Aurora wakes up. The rest of the court wakes as well.

The prince proposes marriage and the princess accepts and both the King and the Queen heartily approve.

The royal wedding of Princess Aurora and Prince Desire is underway. The kind Fairies and other fairytale characters are greeting the happy couple.


The Cast

The Royal Court:

King Florestan XIV – Harry Sevoyan, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Bogdan Tchabanyuk
Queen – Polina Osetrova, Okana Fomenko
Princess Aurora, their daughter - Maria Polyudova, Honoured Artist of The Republic of Moldova, Oleksandra Vorobyova, Olena Kondratyeva, Olena Dobryanska, Ellina Pokhodnyh, Midori Terada
Catalabutte, the master-of-ceremonies in the court of King Florestan XIV – Yury Medvedev

The Prince's Hunting Party:

Prince Désiré - Sergiy Dotsenko, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Volodymir Statny, Honoured Artist of The Republic of Moldova, Vyacheslav Krut’, Koya Okawa
Gallifron, Prince Désiré's tutor – Gregory Ivanov, Yury Medvedev
The Prince's friends, duchesses, baronesses, countesses, and marchionesses

The Fairies:

The Lilac Fairy – Tetyana Afanyutina, Catherina Kalchenko, Ellina Pokhodnyh, Stella Tchernova
The evil Carabosse – Volodymir Borisov, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Mykola Vorivodin
Candide – Oksana Babych, Olga Vorobyova, Oksana Demchenko, Catherina Kalchenko, Ksenia Kravchenko, Olena Lavrynenko, Ellina Pokhodnyh
Coulante, Fleur de farine (Flowing, Wheat flour) – Olga Rozhevich, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Tetyana Afanyutina, Oleksandra Vorobyova, Maria Ryazantseva, Alina Khilko
Miettes qui tombent (Falling breadcrumbs) - Radmila Aitova, Oksana Demchenko, Marina Strizhakova
Canari qui chante (Singing canary) - Radmila Aitova, Olena Kondratyeva, Ganna Tyutyunnik, Marina Strizhakova
Violente (Force) - Tetyana Afanyutina, Lyudmila Grekova, Marina Strizhakova, Ellina Pokhodnyh

The Jewel Fairies:

The Diamond Fairy - Tetyana Afanyutina, Oleksandra Vorobyova, Lyudmila Grekova, Olena Kondratyeva, Alina Khilko
The Sapphire Fairy - Oksana Babych, Catherina Kalchenko, Alina Khilko
The Gold Fairy – Anastasia Bannikova, Ksenia Kravchenko, Oksana Shirokova
The Silver Fairy – Olena Lavrynenko, Maria Ryazantseva, Stella Tchernova

The Four Suitors:

Prince Chéri, Prince Charmant, Prince Fortuné, Prince Fleur de Pois - Harry Sevoyan, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Vyacheslav Kravchenko, Kostyantin Mayorov, Yury Medvedev, Mykhaylo Perfilov, Vitaly Rozdaybeda, Igor Sarazhinsky, Dmytro Sharay

Princess Aurora’s maids of honor:

Big maids of honor – Tetyana Afanyutina, Oksana Babych, Anastasia Bannikova, Ksenia Kravchenko, Victoria Kostyuchenko, Olena Lavrynenko, Ellina Pokhodnyh, Maria Ryazantseva, Stella Tchernova, Ganna Tchernyavska, Oksana Shirokova
Small maids of honor – Radmila Aitova, Lyudmyla Grekova, Oksana Demchenko, Yanina Kisilyova, Mana Kuwabara, Marina Strizhakova, Ganna Tyutyunnik, Larisa Rudyka

Fairy-Tale Characters:

The White Cat - Radmila Aitova, Yanina Kisilyova, Olga Kolomiyets
Puss in Boots – Dennis Vasylyev, Yury Medvedev, Vitaly Rozdaybeda
Princess Florine – Olga Vorobyova, Olena Kondratyeva, Ellina Pokhodnyh, Midori Terada
Bluebird – Stanislav Varankin, Koya Okawa, Mykhaylo Perfilov, Dmytro Sharay
Little Red Riding Hood – Radmila Aitova, Oksana Demchenko, Marina Strizhakova, Ganna Tyutyunnik
The Gray Wolf – Pavlo Gryts, Igor Sarazhinsky, Dennis Tchernyak


March, 2017