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Act One

 Everyone who comes to the theatre dreams of peeking in behind the curtain in order to see the preparations for a performance. Today we are giving the audience such a chance and allowing to visit the backstage area. Come and feel the creation of a theatrical production.

A square in Seville. Micaela comes to the standing guard near a tobacco factory. She is looking for the corporal Don José.

Zuniga and José lead the changing of the guard. The boys are marching around them and singing merrily. Corporal Morales tells José about a beautiful girl who has been looking for him.

The bells at the tobacco factory ring announcing of the lunch hour. The girls working at the factory come to the square. Everyone enthusiastically greets the most attractive girl, which is Carmen. Waving off all her admirers she sings the Habanera. The indifference of corporal José touches her and she does her best to charm him. Finally Carmen throws him a flower as a symbol of her affection.

Micaela arrives and Jose forgets about a daring gypsy. During  the tender duet they remember their homeland, their engagement. After that the lovers say goodbye.

There is some noise at the factory. Carmen has attacked one of the girls and injured her with a knife. Zuniga orders José to convoy the gypsy to prison. Staying alone with Don Jose Carmen finally beguiles a young corporal singing Seguidilla. Jose agrees to free her. Arranging a meeting with Jose in a tavern, Carmen suddenly pushes him and runs away.


    March, 2019