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Act Three

Wild mountains. Night. Between the rocks the smugglers are creeping. Dancaіro and Remendado are going to find out whether the further path is free from the customs officers. Jose is torn between duty and passion, his relationship with Carmen is tense. Being disappointed in the beloved and realizing that Jose can not be like her companions, she tells him to go home. He threatens her. Frasquita and Mercedes begin reading the cards. The cards predict an old husband and wealth for one of the girls and a passionate love for the other. Carmen joins her friends. The cards foretell her death unmistakably.

Dancaіro goes away with Carmen – he needs a girl that can distract the customs officers. Jose is left alone on guard. Having overcome the fear Michaela comes to the smugglers. She wants to persuade Jose to go back to his roots, to his quiet life. Hearing the steps, the girl is hiding. Escamillo appears, hoping to find Carmen. He is ready to sacrifice his life for her love. Having quarreled with the bullfighter, Jose rushes to fight with him, and only the appearance of Carmen saves Escamillo from certain death. He invites her to a bullfight and leaves. Mad with jealousy and despair Jose rushes to Carmen. At this moment Micaela appears with a message about his mother lying on her death-bed. Threatening Carmen, Jose leaves.



    March, 2019