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Act Two

 Tavern near Seville. Carmen is thoughtful, she reacts neither to the compliments of Zuniga nor to the courtship of the bullfighter Escamillo. After the guests departure, the life in the tavern has changed: the smugglers Remendado and Dancaіro and Carmen‘s friends Frasquita and Mercedes are discussing the plan of the next fraud. Carmen refuses to follow them as she is waiting for the beloved Jose.

When Jose arrives, Carmen happily greets him, singing and dancing only for him. A distant bugle call is heard from the barracks. Jose must return to the barracks at once, otherwise, he will be declared a deserter.  Carmen doesn’t want to accept him going away. Jose tells her about his love, showing the flower, which he has kept in prison as a sign of her love. Carmen is adamant – if he really loves her, he must drop everything and go with her to the mountains, where they  will be free.

Jose tries to leave, but in the doorway he faces Zuniga, who has come to woo Carmen. Full of  jealousy, Jose loses his head and attacks Zuniga with a gun. The smugglers pull apart the rivals, but it is too late: Jose has violated the law and now he faces prison and the gallow. Carmen triumphs: now he has no choice but take the criminal path and be with her.


    March, 2019