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Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte

Opera in two acts

The director's version by Yuriy Alexandrov

Running time with one intermission: 3 hours 20 minutes

Music director and conductor - People's Artist of the Republic of Moldova Alexandru Samoila

Director - People's Artist of Russia Yuriy Alexandrov

Set designer - People's Artist of Russia Vyacheslav Okunev

Choreographer - Honoured Artist of Russia Yuriy Vasyuchenko

Choirmaster - the Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine Leonid Butenko

Stage manager - Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine Natalia Grigor, Sergey Krasnykh

Premiered on April 28, 2012
Sung in Italian


Cast for the next performance


Don Giovanni, a young man craving for adventures (baritone) - Vasiliy Dobrovolskiy

Donna Anna, Don Ottavio’s  fiancée (soprano) - Inga Martynova

Commander, Donna Anna’s father (bass) - Sergey Uzun

Don Ottavio, a man without any problems (tenor) -  Dmitriy Mikheev

Donna Elvira, a woman abandoned by Don Giovanni (soprano) - Yulia Tereshchuk

Leporello, Don Giovanni's servant (bass) - Dmitriy Pavlyuk

Masetto, a friend of Don Ottavio (baritone) - Yuriy Dudar

Zerlina, Masetto’s girlfriend (soprano) - Alina Vorokh

With the participation of the orchestra, choir and ballet.

Conductor - People's Artist of the Republic of Moldova Alexandru Samoila



Creative team


Head of the opera troupe - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Natalia Yutesh

Head of the directoring part - Larisa Kalashnik

Head of the ballet troupe - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Garry Sevoyan

Head of the stage part - Viktor Yanchuk

Lighting designer - Vyacheslav Usherenko

Accompanists - Marina Marinich, Natalia Rusinyak, Veronica Struk, Larisa Khorolenko

Stage manager - Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine Natalia Grigor, Sergey Krasnykh

Head of machine-decorative shop - Viktor Meleshko

Make-up artist – Elena Vasilchuk, Eugenia Galenko

Costumier - Oksana Chabanenko, Galina Chebysheva



Artistic director - Boris Bloch

Chief conductor of the theater - People's Artist of the Republic of Moldova Alexandru Samoila

Chief director of the theater - Oksana Taranenko

Chief choreographer of the theater - Honoured Artist of Russia Yuriy Vasyuchenko

Chief choirmaster of the theater - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Leonid Butenko





This story has recently happened at a luxury hotel in one of the famous European resorts, which is extremely popular among so-called "elite" of the society.

A group of young people is sick and tired of paid women’s petting, fine cuisine, rare sorts of wine. The spiritual leader is  Ottavio - the keeper of the main principle of the "elite" - everything is possible and "all inclusive". So if all things are possible, why not amuse the friends – the reckless lovers Masetto and Zerlina, as well as his fiancée Anne and her valiant father Commander – with a merry adventure?  A new hotel guest, Don Giovanni, might be a good candidate to pull his leg.

His independent behavior and reckless gaiety irritate the resting gentlemen.

So the intrigue is born. We will be the witnesses and perhaps even the participants during the whole great opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

About Stage Director Yuri Aleksandrov

People’s Artist of Russia,
stage director of The Mariinsky Theatre,
artistic director of The State Chamber Music Theatre St. Petersburg Opera

Yury Aleksandrov graduated from Leningrad State Conservatory as a pianist in 1974. In three years time he obtained one more diploma from the Faculty of Musical Directing.

Yury Aleksandrov joined The Mariinsky Theatre in 1978 and has been working as a stage director ever since. He has directed the following productions: Il Campanello and Don Pasquale by G. Donizetti, Il re pastore by Ch.Gluck, A Story of Kay and Gerda by S. Banevich , Don Giovanni and Le nozze di Figaro by W.A. Mozart , Mavra by Igor Stravinsky, Mazeppa by P. Tchaikovsky.

In 1987 Yury Aleksandrov founded The Chamber Music Theatre. A creative laboratory has grown up into the State Theatre St. Petersburg Opera.

In 1999 the opera Semen Kotko by Sergey Prokofiev under direction of Yury Aleksandrov was given the highest National Theatre Award The Golden Mask in the following nominations: The Best Opera Production, The Best Opera Director, The Best Opera Scenic Artist, The Best Opera Conductor. The operas Aida, Don Carlos and Othello by G. Verdi, The Nose by D. Shostakovich, The Tsar’s Bride by N. Rimsky- Korsakov brought up by Yury Alekandrov became significant events in the theatre life.

Mr. Aleksandrov contributed a lot to the opening of The K. Baisetova National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Astana, the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2000. Yury Aleksandrov was the first foreigner to be granted The State Prize of Kazakhstan and The Order of Friendship (Dostyk Order).

Yury Aleksandrov has put up more than 200 productions in the opera houses of the world.

At present Yury Aleksandrov is one of the most popular directors of the musical theatre. Just for the theatre season of 2005/2006 the director brought up 11 productions the most significant of which are Mazeppa by P. Tchaikovsky in Metropolitan Opera (The USA) and The Little Shoes (Cherevichki) by P. Tchaikovsky in the famous La Scala theatre (Italy). Turandot by Puccini under Yury Aleksandrov’s direction in the theatre Arena Di Verona is a unique case in the theatre world. It has been the first time in the theatre world when a foreign director was invited to put up an Italian opera in an Italian theatre.

In 2007 Boris Godunov by Mussorgsky brought to life by Yury Aleksandrov amazed the Polish audience. The performance was up on a huge stage of the theatre Hala Ludowa with the seating capacity of about 6,000 people (Wroclaw).

One of the most recent premier productions by Yury Aleksandrov is Prince Igor by A. Borodin in the New Opera theatre (Moscow). The performance made a big splash in Russia and is on with permanent full houses.

Maestro Aleksandrov has been heading the Chair for Musical direction in the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory since 2009.