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Act Two

On this very evening
Leporello, being indignant at his master's behaviour, who has disgraced him in front of the guests at the ball, refuses to serve him. His decision is firm, but ... Don Giovanni throws him a few coins and the servant returns in a good mood. However, not for a long time.
Don Giovanni declares Leporello that he wants Donna Elvira's maid at any price. To attain the goal, it is necessary to divert the mistress and change their clothes. Leporello will be Don Giovanni and Don Giovanni will turn into a servant for some time. And let chance decide! Leporello is forced to obey.
Then everything is going very well - and befuddled Elvira is in the arms of Leporello and frivolous maid is glad to have amorous adventures.
Don Giovanni, pleased with his plan, laughs and then sings a serenade.
Masetto is coming with friends – boon companions, armed slapdashly. He is looking for the seducer to punish him for the insulted Zerlina. Don Giovanni pretends to be his drunken servant, and even offers his assistance in punishing the offender.
But when everybody has gone, Don Giovanni takes away the weapon and beats Masetto. Hearing Masetto’s voice Zerlina runs immediately to him. The poor man tells her about the incident. Zerlina comforts her groom, binds up his wounds, but her thoughts are with Don Giovanni...

The outlines of the old cemetery are behind them ...

Elvira appears in the company of Leporello, who continues to play the role of his master. The woman is scared and asks her "lover" not to leave her on the cemetery. Leporello would be glad to get away, but he cannot - he is noticed by Ottavio and Anna, who have come to the tomb of Commander. Masetto and Zerlina are also here. All of them are deceived by the Don Giovanni 's clothes worn by Leporello and they are ready to kill the villain. Elvira begs to free her lover, but they do not listen to her. Terrified Leporello rips off his coat and hat, and deception is revealed. Avengers see not Don Giovanni but his servant.
Elvira is mocked and derided, Leporello runs away. Expressing contempt for Elvira, Anna leaves, Zerlina and Masetto follow her.
Ottavio remains alone with Elvira and immediately the true face of the "noble" avenger is revealed. Sarcastic and cynical, he is trying to take advantage of her weakness and to capture her. Elvira fights back: she is struck with his duplicity and begins to realize what danger really threatens Don Giovanni.

Don Giovanni and Leporello, fleeing from his pursuers, meet on a cemetery near the grave of Commander. Finally, they can change their clothes. Drawing attention to the statue Don Giovanni tells his servant to read the inscription on the monument. Leporello reads with horror: "I'm preparing requital for a dishonest murderer even in the grave." Laughing, Don Giovanni tells his servant to invite the statue to dinner. Leporello, trembling with fear, sends the invitation of Commander. The statue nods his head and says: "Yes." Don Giovanni is confused and retreats with Leporello away from the cemetery.
Finally, Anna and Ottavio are alone. They have strange feeling on the eve of the great mystery of marriage. It becomes clear what is happening in the dead souls of these hypocrites.
Here is Don Giovanni. He is in a good mood – let devil take the etiquette, prudish guests, fake smiles - simple, artless, loving people are next to him! And let them be not in a luxury room but in the filthy backyard - the lack of comfort will be filled in with sincere intercourse.
But Donna Elvira finds Don Giovanni even here. For the umpteenth time she accuses him of dissolute life and begs to stop. This time, Don Giovanni is glad to see her and invites her to join the glorious company. But despair does not leave Elvira, and she goes again.
Don Giovanni discovers with surprise that he is again in the same room where Commander was killed. Elvira's awful shriek of horror is heard. Here is Commander! Or is it his ghost with a dagger in the chest? The participants of a devilish game float around Don Giovanni like shadows. Yaking they welcome Commander with his revival. It is just a joke, an absolute joke. In addition, Commander offers Don Giovanni a goblet of wine, in which he has put a powder in front of a stunned libertine. Risk! Chances are equal!
Don Giovanni drinks and falls dead.


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