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This story has recently happened at a luxury hotel in one of the famous European resorts, which is extremely popular among so-called "elite" of the society.

A group of young people is sick and tired of paid women’s petting, fine cuisine, rare sorts of wine. The spiritual leader is  Ottavio - the keeper of the main principle of the "elite" - everything is possible and "all inclusive". So if all things are possible, why not amuse the friends – the reckless lovers Masetto and Zerlina, as well as his fiancée Anne and her valiant father Commander – with a merry adventure?  A new hotel guest, Don Giovanni, might be a good candidate to pull his leg.

His independent behavior and reckless gaiety irritate the resting gentlemen.

So the intrigue is born. We will be the witnesses and perhaps even the participants during the whole great opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.




    March, 2019