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Act  I
The residents of a southern resort town are enjoying a pleasant summer day. Among them – Nemorino, who is in love with a local beauty Adina. The girl is infatuated with the life of movie stars, celebrities and dreams of becoming a TV star. Having read on the Internet a legend about the miraculous elixir of Queen Isolde that helped lovers to be together, she teases Nemorino, hinting that if he finds the elixir she will honour him with her kindness.
The «army» of television studio employees arrived in the city. It is led by Belcore, a favourite anchorman, all the girls dream about him. Belcore is advertising a new brand – it is a unique elixir by Dr. Dulcamara. More than that, the TV people are looking for a heroine to participate in a reality show and, of course, choose a charming Adina. Belcore unexpectedly falls in love with her and even proposes to marry him. TV crew are at a loss: he does not work according to the script and discomfits the show. The inhabitants of the city, sympathizing an enamoured Nemorino, are brawling.
Nemorino has declared his love for Adina once again, but she is adamant. Dulcamara (the founder of the brand and media tycoon) personally comes to the town to improve the sale of the «magic elixir». Sales technology has been thought out. People waste money willingly, the elixir is snapped up like hot cakes.
Believing in the almightiness of Dulcamara, Nemorino appeals to him for help. The lover wants a wonderful drink of Queen Isolde, about which Adina has read on the Internet. Without pausing to think, Dulcamara sells him a bottle of «Bordeaux» and warns that the drink will start acting only in a day. Nemorino drinks the «elixir» immediately.
Amazed Adina sees a dramatic change in her annoying admirer: Nemorino has become bold, cheerful and is absolutely sure that tomorrow in the morning she will be in love with him!
But the situation is developing unexpectedly. Belcore, violating all the rules of television, insists on the marriage. Nemorino begs Adina to wait at least a day. Producer Giannetta lays it down as a condition to Belcore – love or contract. Adina has to make a choice between Belcore and Nemorino. Planning to make a career of TV star, she chooses Belcore. Nemorino desperately calls out to the almighty doctor.
Act II
The show goes on. Under the influence of the unique elixir the small resort town has become the world of neon advertisement, and its inhabitants have turned into a manageable crowd. Adina and Belcore are preparing for the wedding. Nemorino is still trying to rescue his beloved from the virtual world and get her back into the real world. However, he is penniless and he has to look for a job. The only chance to find it is on television. Belcore and TV reporters, promising him mountains of gold, recruit him easily.
Dulcamara, disgruntled with the behavior of Belcore, decides to make Nemorino a new ad star. More than that, Nemorino's rich uncle dies, leaving him a legacy. Now the former «simple Simon» is a dream of every girl.
Dulcamara is happy that his plan has worked, but Adina is upset that Nemorino has stopped to sigh for her and has a lot of fans. To attract his attention, Dulcamara advises her to use the elixir. Adina refuses as she believes in her own feminine charm. Learning from Belcore that Nemorino «has been sold out» to TV people, she buys out his contract.
Adina and Nemorino are the only residents of the town who have not succumbed to the temptations of a consumer society and have not become puppets controlled by the media.
Love is stronger than any elixir. Adina and Nemorino are happy together.

Oksana Taranenko


    October, 2018