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Act II

   The second action begins with a scene that occurs late at night. At the cemetery Amelia is looking for a plant: "Ecco l'orrido campo" ("Here it is, this field"). She grieves that she must forget her love for Richard forever "Ma dall'arido" ("I'll find the sorcery grass").

Richard appears, he declares his love to Amelia, "Non sai tu che se l'anima mia" ("You do not know how conscience is severe") and is happy to be convinced that Amelia loves him too: "Ah, qual soave brivido" ("Oh, these sweet words "). Unexpectedly Renato finds the enamored couple: not recognizing his wife, he warns the earl that the conspirators are approaching and gives him his cloak. Richard makes him swear that he escorts a lady wrapped up in a cloak and veil to the city without talking to her and without trying to find out who she is: "Odi tu come fremono cupi" ("Something on the rock is rustling"), .

The conspirators, who met the secretary instead of the earl, are disappointed. They want to know the name of his lady, but Renato unsheathes his sword. To save her husband, Amelia sheds a veil. Renato is shocked. He decides to avenge on Richard and his unfaithful wife.


    March, 2019