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 Scene 1

House of Renato and Amelia. Renato is sure that his wife has betrayed him with his best friend and demands her death. She wants passionately to explain everything, but in vain. In the aria "Morro, ma prima in grazia" ("Let me before I die") Amelia prays to allow her to say goodbye to her son before death. Renato decides to spare her, but to take revenge on the earl. When Amelia leaves, Renato sings the aria "Eri tu che macchiavi quell 'anima" ("You poisoned the soul with poison"). There are conspirators Samuel and Tom. Each of the three wants to inflict a mortal blow.

They cast lots, who will get the privilege of accomplishing revenge: the "Dunque l'onta di tutti sol una" ("Our secret wound brought us") sounds. At this moment, Amelia returns and Renato demands her to draw lots. Amelia does not know anything and pulls out a sheet. There is Renato's name.

The page Oscar brings the invitation to the ball-masquerade. Amelia wants to refuse, but Renato accepts this invitation.

 Scene 2

Room in the palace. Richard signs a decree on appointment - he sends Renato as an ambassador to England, not to meet more with Amelia: "Forse la soglia attinse" ("It is true, she is already at home"). So his honor and duty oblige him to do: "Ma se m'e forza perderti" ("Forever we must be apart").

The page sends a letter to the Earl without a signature. This is Amelia, guessing about the conspiracy, warns Richard of the imminent threat to him at the masquerade. But Richard thinks only about one thing: at the ball he will see his beloved, he will be able to say goodbye to her.

Scene 3

The ball is in full swing, all are in masks. At the ball there are conspirators among the guests. Renato fishes out of Oscar what dress the earl is wearing. He assures the page that it is necessary for his safety. So the young man, used to believe Richard’s friend, reveals the secret.

Amelia and Richard are meeting at the ball. He tells her about his decision to send her and Renato to England, their voices merge in the last duet "Ah! perche qui! .. fuggite "-" T'amo, si, t'amo, e in lagrime "(" Ah, you are all here! Run! "-" You see, in tears I pray "). Seeing Amelia and Richard, Renato strikes a friend with a dagger. Dying, Richard forgives Renato and swears that his wife's honour has not been tainted: "Ella e pura: in braccio a morte" ("Dying, you swear I ... she is innocent").


    March, 2019