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Georgy Kovtun about the production «Viy»

 Gogol is a great master of phantasmagoria


The methods of phantasmagoria transmission are complicated as they don't have any real rationales or logical foundation. In my opinion, in «Viy» the author succeeded to create an amasing contrast of gloomy plot and ironic attitude to the characters.

By the way, the legend about the young lady (Pannochka) and Viy is quite widespread, there are many similar stories in the folk traditions of any nation.

Gogol encourages us to pay attention not only to the plot, but also to the peculiarities of the presentation, confirming the relevance of the idea – «how" is more important than «what».

The administration of Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre offered me to set the opera-ballet «Viy» by outstanding Ukrainian composer Vitaly Gubarenko. At first I wanted to refuse, but my inner adventurism made my blood boil up, so I was absolutely interested in this work.

Odessa audience knows perfectly well the first production of «Viy» in 1984, so I decided to have a look at the backhistory of  relationship by Khoma and Young Noble Lady – Pannochka. At the end of his life Gubarenko wrote choreographic scenes on the base of opera-ballet music. It seems to me rather interesting to combine the opera-ballet and the choreographic scenes. The performance is full of mysticism, which is revealed with the help of music, painting, dance and voice.

         Nikolai Gogol is plunged into the play as its protagonist. He created his characters, but after being born, they start to clash with the author. 


    December, 2018