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Eugenia LISITSYNA’s Biography

Eugenia LISITSYNA finished Music School in Sverdlovsk and then entered the piano class of Prof. Vladimir NELSON at the Rimsky-Korsakov Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Conservatory. She started the pipe organ lessons simultaneously.

Eugenia LISITSYNA. The photo was taken from the website ExpertOnline

The musician graduated from the pipe organ class of Nikolay VANADZINSH at the Yan Vitol Conservatory of Latvia (at present Academy of Music) in 1968. While she was studying she played 40 solo concerts, recorded her first LD and was awarded with the P. Tchaikovsky Scholarship.

Eugenia LISITSYNA has linked her life with the Dome Cathedral and the unique pipe organ that is considered to be its symbol. “The Dome Cathedral is Riga’s face. It was built and rebuilt together with the city, burnt and resurrected out of ashes. One cannot imagine Riga without it. The more often I play here the deeper I understand that something good is happening to them. There have been so many people in it! The Cathedral walls are likely to have absorbed everything the people visiting the Cathedral have been feeling and talking about within centuries. It is a pleasure to communicate with the pipe organ! It is a divine musical instrument that fully belongs to the building it lives in creating one acoustic, meaningful, emotional and philosophical entity”, Eugenia LISITSYNA says.

Between 1999 and 2001 the pipe organist put to life a grandiose idea. She performed all BACH’s works for organ in one cycle on the Riga Dome Cathedral organ. The cycle totalled to 17 concerts dedicated to the 315th birthday anniversary of BACH and the 800th anniversary of Riga foundation.

Eugenia LISITSYNA’s repertoire is huge. It includes all J. S. BACH’s works for organ, compositions by М. REGER, S. FRANK, F. MENDELSOHN, F. LIST, O. MESSIAEN, L.VIERNE, Russian and Latvian composers.

Eugenia LISITSYNA says, “A pipe organ has rich potential comparable to the one of a symphony orchestra and the famous symphony music acquires new wonderful features in a pipe organ sound not mentioning the pleasure I am having myself playing it”.

The musician has set A. VIVALDI’s Four Seasons for organ. She is also an author for A. VIVALDI’s Gloria organ set (for chorus and organ), Pictures at an Exhibition by M. MUSSORGSKY (for organ and percussions), Suite in Ancient Style by A. SCHNITTKE (for organ and percussions), Musical Sacrifice by J. S. BACH, piano compositions by J. S. BACH, L. van Beethoven, F. POULENC and other composers.

Eugenia LISITSYNA is a Laureate of the M. K. Čiurlionis International Organ Competition in Vilnius (1968). The organist has played more than 1,000 concerts in the cities of former Soviet Union as well as in many countries of Europe. She has been a frequent participant of international organ festivals.

In 2002 the musician marked the 110th birthday anniversary of her teacher, N. VANADZINSH, with the cycle of nine concerts “Masterpieces of World’s Organ Music” that included compositions by A. VIVALDI, J. S. BACH, M. REGER, S. FRANK, French, Russian and Latvian composers. Eugenia LISITSYNA has recorded more than 20 LDs and 9 CDs. The Latvian Radio has a rich collection of Eugenia’s recordings. 


    July, 2020