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The Heavenly Hosts

 The Heavenly Hosts

Director - Pavel Koshka
Artist - Igor Anisenko
Conductor - Margarita Grinivetskaya

Concert programme:

1. F. Liszt. Prelude and Fugue on B A C H for Organ Solo
Performed by Olga Efremova

2. J.S. Bach. Aria "Erbarme Dich" from the oratorio “The St. Matthew Passion“
Performed by Ekaterina Tsymbalyuk (mezzo-soprano), Alexander Anisimov (violin)

3. M. T. von Paradis. Sicilian
Performed by Alexander Lysyuk (cello), orchestra of the theatre

4. Ch. Bach. Concerto for viola and orchestra in transcription for English horn, part II.
Performed by Yulia Kuzmina, orchestra of the theatre

5. S. Barber. Adagio for strings
Performed by orchestra of the theatre

6. C. Franck. Panis Angelicus
Performed by Pavel Smirnov (tenor), Alina Drugak (soprano), Olga Efremova (organ)

7. G. F. Handel. Concerto for organ with orchestra (D minor Op.7, No.4)
Performed by Olga Efremova

8. M. Skorik. Melody
Performed by orchestra of the theatre

9. Folk song of Transcarpathian region (adaptation by V. Yakimts) “Plyne kacha po Tysyni…”(" A duck is sailing along the Tisa...")
Performed by Sergey Uzun (bass), choir, orchestra of the theater


    October, 2019