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Act І

Scene 1. Lord Enrico Ashton has taken over the Ravenswood Castle. Normanno and his retainers are seeking through the ruins. Lord Enrico Ashton appears. He is worried that the last Ravenswood offspring is still alive. Enrico wants to clinch the victory with his sister Lucia’s marriage to Lord Arturo Bucklaw. However, Lucia refuses.

Raimondo Bidebent, Lucia’s tutor, calms down Enrico. Lucia cannot think of a marriage because of her mother’s death. Normanno reveals the true reason. He tells the story about a stranger who once saved Lucia from a furious bull and whom she has been seeing since then. It might be Sir Edgardo di Ravenswood. Enrico is infuriated. He must put an end to this liaison.

Scene 2. The park alley. Lucia and her handmaid Alisa come down to the old fountain waiting for Edgardo. The fountain has its horrible story. A dead woman whose ghost Lucia has seen was found there long ago. Alisa thinks the ghost warned Lucia and she has to give up her love for Edgardo. Lucia won’t listen. This love is her only joy.

Edgardo enters. He tells his beloved about his departure for France. He thinks that the best way to settle the conflict is to ask Lucia’s brother for his permission to marry her. Lucia objects. Their love must not be revealed for the pure feeling they have. The lovers swear loyalty and say their tender good-byes.

Scene 3. Lord Ashton’s castle. Enrico and Normanno trick Lucia into the marriage with Arturo. They forged a letter seemingly proving that Edgardo has cheated on her. Lucia believes the fake evidence.

Scene 4. Everything is ready for the marriage celebrations in The Ashtons’ castle. The guests have arrived. Enrico speaks of a recent death of Lucia’s mother to explain Lucia’s despair.

Lucia and Alisa enter the hall. Lucia looks weird. The bride reluctantly signs the marriage contract under the pressure of her brother.

At that point Edgardo appears. He fails to interfere with the marriage ceremony. It is too late. They have already signed the marriage contract. Being desperate Edgardo curses the fatal meeting with Lucia. The unwanted “guest” is forced out of the castle.


    March, 2020