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III Art Festival "Mellow season in Odessa Opera House!"

III Art Festival "Mellow season in Odessa Opera House!"

For the third time Odessa Opera House represents a significant cultural event of September for Odessa citizens and guests of the city - III Art Festival "Mellow Season in Odessa Opera House".

The aim of the festival, which has already become a jewel of the mellow season in Odessa -the city with unique cultural traditions - is the popularization of Ukrainian and world classical art and the confirmation of the image of our city as the cultural capital of the South of Ukraine.

III Art Festival "Mellow Season in Odessa Opera House - 2017" promises to be a really especial one, as it is dedicated to a significant date - October 1, 2017 is the day when Odessa Opera House, an architectural masterpiece, celebrates the 130th anniversary.

III Art Festival "Mellow Season in Odessa Opera House" expands its frameworks and borders, entering new stages and opening new educational forms of communication with an audience.

Famous performers of the world opera and ballet art, as well as the artists of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre will make every evening of the festival programme unforgettable!

Each day of the festival will give you an opportunity to plunge into the special, unique atmosphere of high art!

Art Festival programme

September 8, Friday, 18:30

The grand opening of the festival

Concert "Ukrainian masterpieces for all time", dedicated to the 175th  birthday of N. Lysenko

A unique programme of the concert unites opera, symphonic, song genres in a single concert space "The Ukrainian masterpieces for all times ". The climax scenes from the opera "Taras Bulba" by Nikolay Lysenko, which opened the history of classical Ukrainian opera art, the orchestral works by the Ukrainian authors of the XX-XXI centuries E. Stankovich, G. Mayboroda, V. Gubarenko and favorite songs from the golden fund of Ukrainian song lyrics are in the programme.

The participation of the leading soloists of Odessa Opera House - People's Artist of Ukraine Vasiliy  Navrotskiy, Honoured Artists of Ukraine Vladislav Goray, Viktor Mityushkin, the laureates of international competitions Anastasia Golub, Anna Litvinova, Harry Ghukasyan, Oleg Zlakoman, Dmitriy Mikheev, Valeriy Regrut, Ivan Flyak, the choir and orchestra of the theatre will make this programme a dedication to the outstanding Ukrainian composer and will open new facets in the comprehension of the unique beauty of Ukrainian melos.

Director - Oksana Taranenko.

Choirmaster – the chief choirmaster of the theatre, Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine Leonid Butenko.

Conductor - the chief conductor of the National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus, Honoured Artist of Ukraine Viktor Ploskina

9 September, Saturday, 18:30

Premiere of the 207th season

Y. Gomelskaya

The ballet "Fates"

The idea was created by the general director of Odessa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Honoured Culture Worker of Ukraine Nadezhda Babich.

The ballet "Fates" is the author's project of Odessa Opera House, it is an example of the unique experience of creating a performance that can be called by all means a documentary or publicistic ballet - a new genre in contemporary ballet art and truly national work, born by the Ukrainian composer, the Ukrainian choreographer and performed by the Ukrainian artists.

As for the content of the ballet, the author of the libretto and choreographer Sergey Kon answered :  "I am sure that there is nobody in the world, who at least once in the life wondered what is fate? Is this anything that is destined, predetermined from birth or is it a sequence of everyday events from which we have to choose? Is this inevitability of fate, doom or do we still have the freedom of choice? The ballet "Fortunes" does not give a definite answer to these questions. It is rather a reflection on the theme of human lives, meetings and losses. A peculiarity of the ballet storyline is that these stories are based on real events. These are stories of the lives of real people - our contemporaries, whose house Fate knocked at. And there is no advice, no despair but there is a search for solution. So, the question remains open –  can we influence upon our own destiny? ".

Author's choreography is based on modern polystylistic manner using a variety of dance techniques and elements of pantomime.

The premiere of the ballet was held in February 2017 and opened a new page in the history of modern Ukrainian ballet.

A leading soloist of Kiev Modern-Ballet Theatre under the direction of Radu Poklitaru (2005 - 2016), a laureate of international competitions Aleksey Busko (Antihero) is invited to participate in the festival performance of the ballet "Fate".

• Libretto’s author and choreographer is a soloist of the theatre "Kyiv Modern Ballet" under the direction of Radu Poklitaru (2005 - 2015), laureate of international competitions, prize winner of "Kyiv Pectoral" (2016) Sergey Kon

• Stage designer - Tatiana Ivanova

• Costume designer - Sergey Vasiliev;

• Choirmaster - Ivan Gazinskiy;

• Lighting designer - Vyacheslav Usherenko;

• Videography and design - Vitaliy Galak;

• Conductor - Vitaliy Kovalchuk.

10 September, Sunday, 18:30

Premiere of the 207th season

Operas "Cavalleria rusticana"by P. Mascagni and "Pagliacci" by R. Leoncavallo as a concert performance.

"These popular masterpieces by the verismo composers have returned to the repertoire in a format of concert performance, but due to the emotional completeness and director’s solutions, it was a mature and integral show. A brilliant musical execution did not leave anyone in the auditorium indifferent.

Two stories about love and betrayal with bloody final, where the protagonists are common people, for almost two centuries, make the audience empathize with the participants of the tragedy, keeping everybody on the edge of the seat  from the first sound to the last one.

Stunning emotions, magnificent music, theatrical convention, which becomes a certainty and gifted, talented performers - everything testifies to  the fact that "Cavalleria rusticana" and "Pagliacci" will be long-livers of the repertoire "- music critics wrote about the opera premieres in Odessa Opera House in April 2017.

The soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre, laureate of international competitions Avgust Amonov and soloists of Odessa Opera House - People's Artist of Ukraine Vasiliy Navrotskiy, Honoured Artists of Ukraine Elena Starodubtseva, Vladislav Goray, Viktor Mityushkin , laureates of international competitions Natalia Pavlenko, Yulia Tereshchuk, Ekaterina Tsymbalyuk, Oleg Zlakoman, Bogdan Panchenko, Ivan Flyak will participate in the festival performances of "Cavalleria Rusticana" by P.Mascagni and "Pagliacci" by R. Leoncavallo .

Director - Oksana Taranenko.

Choirmaster – the chief choirmaster of the theatre, Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine Leonid Butenko.

Costume designer - Sergey Vasiliev.

Conductor - Valeriy Regrut.

Wednesday, September 13, 18:30

Premiere of the 207th season

 P. Tchaikovsky

 Ballet "The Sleeping Beauty"

The premiere of the ballet "The Sleeping Beauty" by Pyotr Tchaikovsky took place in May 2017 and immediately won the connoisseurs of classical ballet art with exquisite embodiment of the choreographic, musical, theatrical solutions of the production at the famous stage of Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The creative team of the production brought it as closely as possible to the original source and restored the fragments of choreography by the great French choreographer Marius Petipa, which are seldom performed, enriching it with the elements of choreography by F. Lopukhov and K. Sergeev.

The soloists of National Opera of Ukraine, Honoured Artists of Ukraine Ekaterina Kukhar (Princess Aurora) and Alexander Stoyanov (Prince Desire) are invited to participate in the festival performance of the ballet "The Sleeping Beauty".

Director's version - Honoured Artist of the Republic of Moldova Maria Polyudova.

Stage designer - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Evgeniy Gurenko

Costume designer  - Sergey Vasilyev

Conductor - Igor Chernetskiy.

September 14, Thursday, 18:30


Opera "Tannhäuser" by R. Wagner as a concert performance

The premiere of the festival is the opera " Tannhäuser " performed by the leading soloists, the choir and orchestra of Odessa Opera House. It will be another important milestone on the way of understanding the genius of the musical theatre Richard Wagner.

The connoisseurs of Richard Wagner's works will have a unique opportunity to plunge into the magical world of musical themes and images of a genius opera reformer and reflect on the eternal life themes in art. The format of concert performance with video graphics will allow the imagination to "draw" a contradictory world of confrontation between the sense and mind, between spiritual and carnal love, in which the legendary knight Tannhäuser appeared.

The leading soloists of Odessa Opera House - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Tatyana Spasskaya (Venus), laureates of international competitions Natalia Pavlenko (Elisabeth), Alexander Shultz (Tannhäuser), Harry Ghukasyan (Wolfram von Eschenbach); the choir and orchestra of the theatre.

Director - Oksana Taranenko.

Choirmaster – the chief choirmaster of the theatre, Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine Leonid Butenko.

Videography - Vitaliy Galak.

Musical director and conductor – the chief conductor of the theatre Alexandru Samoila.

September 15, Friday, 18:30

Gala concert of ballet artists "Dedication to the theatre"

A great concert programme dedicated to the significant date - 130th anniversary of Odessa Opera House - will be held at the famous stage of Odessa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. It will include the fragments of the classical ballet "La Bayadere" by L. Minkus, "Swan Lake" by P.Tchaikovskiy, "Raymonda" by A. Glazunov, "Laurencia" by A. Krain, "La Esmeralda" by C. Pugni, "Le Corsaire" by A. Adam, "Flames of Paris" by B. Asafiev and modern choreographic miniatures.

Leading soloists of National Opera of Ukraine are invited to participate there: Honoured Artist of Ukraine Katerina Kukhar, Alexander Stoyanov, Natalia Matsak, laureate of international competitions Sergey Krivokon, the soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre - Diana Kosyreva and Honoured Artist of Russia and Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Andrey Merkuriev, the soloists of Odessa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet - Honoured Artist of the Republic of Moldova Maria Polyudova, the laureates of international competitions Elena Dobryanskaya, Natalia Ivasenko, Ekaterina Kalchenko, Alina Sharay, Honoured Artist of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Statnyy, the laureates of international competitions Andrey Pisarev, Stanislav Skrynnik, Dmitriy Sharay.

Conductor - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Igor Shavruk.


18 September, Sunday, 20:00
The concert was moved to the September 18th, inside the theatre

The grand closing of the festival

Gala concert of the opera artists "Dedication to the theatre"

The festive event dedicated to a significant date - the 130th anniversary of Odessa Opera House - will bring the festival to a conclusion.

The concert programme "Dedication to the theatre" involves the favorite and well-known opera masterpieces, the melodies from popular operettas and song classics.

The participants:

• the stars of world opera stages - Konstantin Rittel-Kobylanskiy, Avgust Amonov, Yuriy Minenko;

• the leading soloists - People's Artist of Ukraine Tatyana Anisimova, Honoured Artist of Ukraine Susanna Chakhoyan (National Opera of Ukraine); laureates of international competitions Alina Vorokh, Yulia Tereshchuk, Taisia ​​Shafranskaya, Oleg Zlakoman, Pavel Smirnov, Alexander Stryuk (Odessa Opera House);

• a finalist of the television show "Voice of the Country" Roman Russu;

• talented youth of Odessa Music Academy - Zhang Miao, Leonid Shoshin;

• Orchestra of the theatre.

The masters of ceremonies – soloists of Odessa Opera House Honoured Artist of Ukraine Elena Starodubtseva, laureates of international competitions Ekaterina Tsymbalyuk, Vasily Dobrovolskiy, Vladimir Murashchenko.

Director - Oksana Taranenko.

Conductor – Igor Chernetskiy.

III Art Festival "Mellow Season in Odessa Opera House " expands its  frameworks and borders, entering new stages and opening new educational forms of communication with an audience.

September 15, 14:30

Concert in the Military Medical Clinical Center of Southern region.

The programme includes the works of Western and Russian classics.

The participants - People's Artists of Ukraine Vera Revenko, Anatoliy Kapustin, Honoured Artist of Ukraine Irina Berlizova, laureates of international competitions Natalia Kadantseva, Ilona Skripnik, Bogdan Panchenko, Vasiliy Dobrovolskiy as well as ballet dancers of the theatre - laureates of international competitions Elena Kondratieva and Nikolay Vorivodin..

Accompanist - Veronika Struk. 

16 September, 16:00

In Odessa Literary Museum

Concert dedicated to the 130th  anniversary of Odessa Opera House

The programme includes the works by J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, G. Puccini, G. Rossini, R. Schumann, F. Lehar, P. Tchaikovsky, A. Kos-Anatolskiy, K. Dankevich, D. Bortnyanskiy, K. Stetsenko and others.

The participants – soloist of the Mecklenburg State Opera House (Schwerin, Germany), laureate of international competitions Igor Storozhenko; soloists of Odessa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet - laureates of international competitions Anastasia Golub, Alexander Prokopovich; laureate of international competitions Yulia Timakova.

Artistic director - Natalia Köhn;
Accompanists - Gayane Chemenyan, Maria Marushko.
Admission is free

In the light of the modern European opera theatre trends, the interactive lectures will be held with the participation of the leading music experts of Ukraine. The meetings will be devoted to the opera "Tannhäuser"  by R. Wagner.

 Additions and specifications are possible in the programme. 



Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Winner of the second Turchak International Conducting Competition (Kiev), Recipient of the Order of Merit of the third degree in accordance with decree of the President of Ukraine No. 216/2012 of 27 March 2012, Laureate of the National Theatre Prize of Belarus for the production of Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi.

Viktor Ploskina graduated from the Mykola Lysenko Lviv State Conservatoire (The Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy at present) in 1993. He worked at the National Honoured Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine; at present, he cooperates with all major symphony orchestras of the Ukraine.

From 2000 to 2002, Ploskina was head of the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. In the 2002/2003 season, he held the position of principal conductor and artistic director of the Dnepropetrovsk Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, and in the 2004/2005 season he was principal conductor of the Crimean State Philharmonic.

Viktor Ploskina joined the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus as principal conductor in October 2007. As musical director and conductor he prepared a number of premiere productions including Cavalleria rusticana by Pietro Mascagni, Boris Godunov by Modest Mussorgsky (the concert version), Il trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi, Cinderella by Sergey Prokofiev, Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi, Tosca by Giacomo Puccini, The Snow Maiden by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, La Sylphide by Herman Severin Lovenskjold, Thamar by Mily Balakirev, Scheherazade by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

He was the first to present the concert versions of Verdi’s Macbeth and Stravinsky’s Oedipus the King in Belarus.

Together with the symphony orchestra of the theatre he interpreted Berlioz’ Fantastic Symphony, Op. 14; Brahms’ Symphony No.2 in D major; Mahler’s Symphony No.3 in D minor; Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.5 in E minor and the Manfred Symphony, Op. 58 in B minor;  Rachmaninov’s  Symphony No.2 in E minor, Symphony No. 3 in A minor and the Spring Cantata, Op. 20.

His repertoire includes Die Zauberflöte by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Aida, La traviata, Nabucco and Il trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi, Carmen by Georges Bizet; La bohème, Madama Butterfly, Tosca and Turandot by Giacomo Puccini; Cavalleria rusticana by Pietro Mascagni, The Queen of Spades, Iolanta and Eugene Onegin by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, The Tsar's Bride by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin, Khovanshchina by Modest Mussorgsky, etc., and a number of ballets, cantatas and oratorios including Verdi’s Requiem, and others.

As a member of the theatre company he has toured Monschau, Germany with Il Trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi, Swan Lake by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and a concert of symphonic music, La Palma in Spain with Verdi’s Requiem and a concert of symphonic music; the Netherlands and Belgium (Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Breda, the Hague, Ghent) with Il Trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi.

Ploskina has conducted several performances of Giacomo Puccini’s La bohème at the Estonian National Opera, Puccini’s Tosca at Sofia National Opera, Aida by Giuseppe Verdi at the Ukrainian National Opera; he has also conducted the orchestras of Novosibirsk Philharmonic, Odessa National Philharmonic, and Azerbaijani National Philharmonic. He has also conducted concerts at St. Peter’s Church in Vienna.

Alexey BUSKO


• Prize-winner at the XIX International Glinka Vocalists' Competition (Chelyabinsk, 2001)
• Prize-winner of the Irina Arkhipova Foundation (Moscow, 2004)

Avgust Amonov was born in Kazan. Graduated from the Alma-Ata State Conservatoire in 1997 (class of Professor Serkebaev).
He joined the Kazakh Abai Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet in 1995, the Helikon Opera musical theatre (Moscow) in 1998 and the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theatre in 1999. Avgust Amonov made his Bolshoi Theatre debut in 2001 in the roles of Vaudémont (Iolanta by P. Tchaikovsky) and Alvaro (La forza del destino by G. Verdi).

Avgust Amonov became a Mariinsky Theatre soloist in 2003 (making his debut as Prince Yuri in The Enchantress by P. Tchaikovsky).

His repertoire at the Mariinsky Theatre includes: 

  • Sobinin (A Life for the Tsar by M. Glinka);
  • Vasily Golitzin (Khovanshchina by M. Mussorgsky);
  • Vsevolod (The legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh and the Maiden Fevronia), Yaromir (Mlada) by N. Rimsky-Korsakov;
  • Yuri (The Enchantress), Herman (The Queen of Spades), Vaudémont (Iolanta) by P. Tchaikovsky;
  • Nose (The Nose by D. Shostakovich);
  • Pierre Bezukhov (War and Peace by S. Prokofiev);
  • Nozdryov (Dead Souls by R. Shchedrin, in concert);
  • Mitya (The Brothers Karamazov by A. Smelkov);
  • Pollione (Norma by V. Bellini);
  • Ismaele (Nabucco), Riccardo (Un ballo in maschera), Manrico (Il trovatore), Arrigo (I vespri siciliani), Don Carlo (Don Carlo), Don Alvaro (La forza del destino), Radames (Aida), Gabriele Adorno (Simon Boccanegra), Otello (Otello) by G. Verdi;
  • Cavaradossi (Tosca), Luigi (Il tabarro), Calaf (Turandot) by G. Puccini;
  • Benvenuto Cellini (Benvenuto Cellini by H. Berlioz in concert);
  • José (Carmen by G. Bizet);
  • Samson (Samson et Dalila by C. Saint-Saëns);
  • Siegmund (Die Walküre), Parsifal (Parsifal) by R. Wagner;
  • Bacchus (Ariadne auf Naxos), The Emperor (Die Frau ohne Schatten) by R. Strauss, etc.

Avgust Amonov has worked alongside such outstanding conductors as Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Yuri Temirkanov, Nikolai Nekrasov, Vladimir Fedoseyev, Arnold Katz, Mark Ermler, Tomáš Hanus and Fuat Mansurov.

He has toured to China, Korea, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands (Concertgebouw, Amsterdam), Finland (Mikkeli Festival), Denmark, Australia, the UK (Albert Hall, Barbican Hall and the Coliseum), Croatia (Zagreb Opera), Japan (Suntory hall), France (Opéra Bastille) and Cyprus (Pafos Festival).

The singer has toured to the many countries:

  • Netherlands (the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, G. Berlioz’ Benvenuto Cellini);
  • France (Opéra Bastille, Paris, D. Shostakovich’s The Nose);
  • Great Britain (the Royal Albert Hall, N. Rimsky-Korsakov’s Mlada; English National Opera, D. Shostakovich’s The Nose; Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, R. Wagner’s Die Walküre; Birmingham, R. Wagner’s Parsifal and G. Verdi’s La forza del destino; Edinburgh, R. Strauss’ Die Frau ohne Schatten and the Barbican Centre, S. Prokofiev’s Seven, They Were Seven and A. Smelkov’s The Brothers Karamazov);
  • Spain (Madrid’s Filarmónica, P. Tchaikovsky’s Iolanta and the Teatro Escorial, G. Puccini’s Tosca);
  • Macedonia (the Skopje Festival, G. Verdi’s Aida);
  • Croatia (Zagreb, G. Verdi’s Un ballo in maschera);
  • Greece (Megaron, Kalomiris’ Protomastoras and Athens, G. Verdi’s Aida);
  • Cyprus (the Pafos Festival, G. Verdi’s Un ballo in maschera);
  • Israel (the Eilat Festival, G. Verdi’s Nabucco and H. Berlioz’ Benvenuto Cellini);
  • Bulgaria (Sofia, S. Rachmaninoff’s Aleko and G. Verdi’s Un ballo in maschera);
  • Latvia (Riga, G. Verdi’s Aida and G. Puccini’s Turandot);
  • Lithuania (Vilnius, G. Verdi’s Otello, directed by Eimuntas Nekrošius);
  • Slovenia (Ljubljana, G. Verdi’s Otello and R. Strauss’ Die Frau ohne Schatten);
  • Austria (Graz, P. Tchaikovsky’s The Queen of Spades, directed by Peter Konwitschny);
  • Finland (the Mikkeli Festival, C. Saint-Saëns’ Samson et Dalila, M. Glinka’s A Life for the Tsar; the Savonlinna Festival, G. Puccini’s Tosca; Helsinki, G. Verdi’s Aida and Un ballo in maschera and A. Dvořák’s Rusalka;
  • USA (New York, Metropolitan Opera, a debut in G. Verdi’s Otello; Carnegie Hall, G. Mahler’s Eighth Symphony; Colorado, Verdi’s Il trovatore and A. Dvořák’s Rusalka; Minnesota, G. Verdi’s Il trovatore; Washington, G. Verdi’s Otello and Kentucky, P. Tchaikovsky’s Iolanta;
  • as well as to China, South Korea, Canada, Denmark, Germany and Australia.

Natalia MATSAK

Honoured Artist of Ukraine (2008)

In 2000 she graduated from the Kiev State Choreographic School in the class of T. Tayakina, V. Kovtun, L. Smorgacheva.

As a guest ballerina, she danced in the performances of many theaters of worldwide, among them – the Mikhailovsky Theater, the Boris Eifman Theater.

Since 2001 – leading soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine.

Winner of many international competitions:

Serge Lifar international Competition of Ballet Dancers (silver medal), (2004), International Ballet Competition in Moscow (bronze medal), (2005), Serge Lifar VI International Ballet Dancer Competition (gold medal), (2006).

 In 2007-2011 she took part in the R. Nureyev International Festival of Classical Ballet in Kazan (XX-XXIV).

In 2009 she took part in the premiere of the Mariinsky Theater «Igor Kolb and his friends» (Tokyo, National Theater of Japan).

In 2011, in Dortmund (Germany), she performed in a Gala concert of the international ballet stars with the ballet troupe of the Dortmund Opera House.

Artist performs the following parts: Odette – Odile, Princess Aurora, Clara, Masha («Swan Lake», «Sleeping Beauty», «Nutcracker» by P. Tchaikovsky), Nikia, Gamzatti, Kitri («La Bayadere», «Don Quixote» L. Minkus), Raymonda («Raymonda» O. Glazunov), Zobeide («Scheherazade» by M. Rimsky-Korsakov), Carmen («Carmen Suite» by J. Bizet – R. Shchedrin), Medora, Giselle («Corsair», «Giselle» by A. Adan), Karla («Viennese waltz» on the Strausses music), Sylphide («Sylphide» H. Levenshold), Egina («Spartacus» A. Khachaturian), Laurensia («Laurensia» A.Crain) , a duet from the ballet «Red Giselle» by B. Eifman, «Grand pa-classic» by D. Ober and others.

Toured in Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea.


 Graduated from the Kyiv State Choreographic School in 2007. From 2007 to 2010 he worked at the Kiev Municipal Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

Since 2010 – leading soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine.

 The artist performs the following parts:

● Prince Zigfried, Rothbard («Swan Lake» by P. Tchaikovsky),

● Count Kaiserling («Viennese waltz», music by Strausses),

● Prince («Lilya» by K. Dankevich),

● Prince («Nutcracker» P. Tchaikovsky),

● Solor ( «La Bayadère» by L. Mincus),

● Conrad («The Corsair» by A. Adan),

● Escamillo ( «Carmen Suite» G. Bizet – R. Shchedrin),

● Berlioz («Master and Margarita» various music),

● Paris («Romeo and Juliet» by S. Prokofiev),

● Cavalier («Sleeping Beauty » by P. Tchaikovsky),

● Bolero («Don Quixote» L. Minkus).

He tours in Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Italy, Canada, Romania, Switzerland, the Netherlands, etc.



 In 2008 graduated from the Moscow Choreography School at the Moscow State Academic Dance Theater «Gzhel» (teacher Natalia Kuzmina) and was accepted into the troupe of the State Academic Theater of Classical Ballet under the direction of N. Kasatkina and V. Vasiljev.

In 2013 she studied in the international master classes in Germany (Berlin), conducted in conjunction with the ballet company William Forsythe. Since 2013 she is an artist in the ballet company of the Bolshoi Theater.

Performs the following roles in the Bolshoi Theater:

  • Svanilda's friends («Coppelia» by L. Delibes);
  • Spanish doll, Colombina, Chinese doll, Chertovka («The Nutcracker» by P. Tchaikovsky);
  • maid of honor, Spree Fairy («Sleeping Beauty» by P. Tchaikovsky);
  • four swans, the Neapolitan bride («Swan Lake» by P. Tchaikovsky);
  • Cupid, Jeanne («The Flame of Paris» by B. Asafiev);
  • Chistyulya («Moydodyr» by E. Podgaits);
  • maid («The Taming of the Shrew» on the music by D. Shostakovich) – participant of the premiere;
  • Pas-de-deux («Giselle» by A. Adan) – participant of the premiere;
  • four pairs («Classical Symphony» on the music by S. Prokofiev);
  • shepherdesses («Spartacus» by A. Khachaturian);
  • Ophelia («Hamlet» on the music by D. Shostakovich);
  • Cupid, the first variation in the Gran pa («Don Quixote» by L. Minkus);
  • Zina's friends, Galya («Bright Stream» by D. Shostakovich);
  • Saracen dance («Raymonda» by A. Glazunov);
  • Undine («Undine» by H. V. Henze);
  • Boris' friends («Golden Age» by D. Shostakovich).

In 2016, within the framework of the Youth Program of the Bolshoi Ballet (the project «Faces», New Stage), she performed in choreographic issues – «Hide and Seek» on the music by S. Rachmaninov and «Lamentation» on the music by A. Amar.


Leading soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre;
Honoured Artist of Russian Federation (2014); 
Honoured Artist of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (2008); 
Laureate of the Russian National Theatrical Award “The Golden Mask” for the best male ballet part (2005); 
Laureate of the Léonide Massine Prize (Positano, Italy, 2008);
2nd Prize winner at the International Competition of Young Ballet Dancers, Kazan (2001);
2nd Prize winner at the ARABESQUE Open Competition of Ballet Dancers of Russia, Perm (2000)

Mr. Merkuriev completed his training at the Ufa Ballet School in 1996.

He was a member of the State Opera and Ballet Theatre Company of the Komi Republic between 1996 and 1997.

The dancer was a soloist with the Saint-Petersburg Mussorgsky Opera and Ballet Theatre between 1997 and 2001 (The Mikhailovsky Theatre).

He joined the Mariinsky State Academic Theatre in 2001. 
Mr. Merkuriev has been working with the Bolshoi Ballet Company since 2006.

The dancer debuted on the drama stage in a choreographic story Poor Lisa by Alla Sigalova to the score of the same name opera by Leonid Desiatnikov where he performed the role of Erast. His partner was Chulpan Khamatova, a Russian celebrity of cinema and theatre.

He has been nominated six times for “The Golden Mask” Award and it is a record number for one person.

The ballet artist has worked with a number of outstanding choreographers, such as Nacho Duato, John Neumeier, Alla Sigalova, Alexei Ratmansky, William Forsythe, Mats Ek and others.

He has performed on the best world’s stages: Grand Opera (“Opera Garnier”) in Paris, Royal Opera Theatre Covent-Garden in London, Metropolitan Opera in New York, John Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, National Center for Performing Arts in Beijing, Bunka Kayan Center for Performing Arts in Tokyo.

Mr. Merkuriev established a scholarship for students of the Rudolf Nureyev Choreographic College of Bashkiria in 2012. He was the one who founded a special prize “For the reality of Image, Emotional and Expressive Performance” at the Ekaterina Maksimova Ballet Competition ARABESQUE.

The dancer debuts as producing choreographer with the ballet YELL (Krik) after Alexander Zinoviev’s novel Go to Golgotha on the stage of the Odessa Opera in 2014.

In 2016 he became a laureate of the Oles Buzina International Literature and Media Award in the nomination "Civil position".

In 2017 he received a second prize and a silver medal at the Yuri Grigorovich Competition as a choreographer.


Ukrainian singer, songwriter, creator of the cover band Russu Band, working in styles like R & B, Soul, Fank, Disco. A graduate of Odessa State (now - National) Music Academy. A.V. Nezhdanova in the class of solo singing. 

He took part in the productions of the Odessa Academic Russian Drama Theater ("Viy", "Stepan Razin", "The Snow Queen"), in rock operas "The Girl and Death" and "The Thread of Ariadne" by E. Lapeyko, in numerous jazz projects. 

Roman Russu is the finalist of the Ukrainian selection of the contest of young performers "New Wave" (2011) and the television project "Voice - 7" in the Potap team (2017).