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15 Feb

Five operatic soloists to debut in Pique Dame on February 19

There are going to be five debuts at a time in the Pique Dame performance that is on stage of the Odessa Opera on February 19. Thus, Konstantin ANDREEV sings the part of Herman, Natalia PAVLENKO debuts as Liza, Valentina VASYLYEVA, People’s Artist of Ukraine, performs the part of Countess. Besides, Alina VOROKH sings Prilepa for the first time and Dmitry MIKHEEV performs the part of Chekalinsky for the first time. 

Other participants of the performance are Victor MITYUSHKIN (Prince Yeletsky), Vadym TCHERNIGOVSKY (Count Tomsky), Anastasia HOLUB (Masha), Irina OLEKSIV (Governess), Taisia SHAFRANSKAYA (Polina and Milovzor), Sergiy KRASNYKH (Chaplitsky), Dmytro SEBOV (Narumov), Victor SHEVCHENKO (Surin), and Victor MUZYCHKO (Master of Ceremonies).

Principal Conductor of the Odessa Opera Aleksandru SAMOILĂ, People’s Artist of the Republic of Moldova, conducts the performance.

The performance starts at 6:30 pm.

The current production of the Pique Dame by Pyotr TCHAIKOVSKY in the director’s cut by Alexander TITEL, People’s Artist of Russia (Moscow) was premiered on October 19, 20 and 25, 2013.

Alexander MATUSEVICH, a music observer from Moscow, wrote:“This production by TITEL has almost no puzzles, it is not a riddle for intellectuals but it is a live theatre where feelings, emotions, passions, obsessions lead. All these are necessary components of the TCHAIKOVSKY opera. Main directing lines can be easily read making the public compassionate with a wonderful world of opera and its characters. These qualities are rare on contemporary operatic stage where dominate riddles bringing nothing either to the heart or wits. TITEL’s production avoids such fashion luckily presenting a nice example of musical stage direction”.