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27 Feb

The last day of the Cheese-fare Week (Maslenitsa) features the STRAVINSKY ballets

On Sunday, March 2, on the last day of Cheese-fare Week (Maslenitsa), the Odessa Opera features two ballets by STRAVINSKY, namely The Rite of Spring and The Firebird. As the composer said while composing The Firebird in 1910 he imagined the picture of an ancient pagan spring ritual where the girl chosen for a sacrifice died in ecstatic dance. It was the birth of The Rite of Spring

Choreographer Georgy KOVTUN has produced his own version of this ballet in the Odessa Opera. In his cut it is a story of evolving Love and its conflict with cruel laws of merciless society. The ballet The Rite of Spring was premiered on June 2, 2013 during the II International Odessa Opera Arts Festival. 

The leading performers in The Rite of Spring on March 2 are Honored Artists of Moldova Maria POLYUDOVA (The Chosen One) and Volodymir STATNY (The Young Man) as well as Dmytro BARTOSH (Idol); The Firebird ballet features Catherine KALCHENKO (The Firebird), Sergiy DOTSENKO, Honored Artist of Ukraine (Ivan-Tsarevich aka Prince Ivan), Pavlo GRYTS and Svyatoslav KVACHUK (Kashchei the Immortal).

The conductor is Aleksandru SAMOILĂ, People’s Artist of the Republic of Moldova, Principal Conductor of the Odessa Opera.
The ballets start at 6:30 pm.

Photos by Yuri LITVINENKO