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11 Mar

Alina KHILKO to debut as Kitri in Don Quixote

Three ballet artists debut in Don Quixote by Ludwig Minkus on March13. Alina KHILKO (in the photo) leads as Kitri. Her partner is Dmytro SHARAY, a Diploma holder from the Third International World's Young Ballet Competition. 

Two other debuts are the ones of Catherine BARTOSH (as Cupid) and Dmitro BARTOSH ( as Espada, a Toreador).

Other performers are Olena KONDRATYEVA and Ganna TYUTYUNNIK (as Kitri's Friends), Maria RYAZANTSEVA (as a Street Dancer), Stella CHERNOVA (as Mercedes), Oksana BABICH (as a Gypsy Girl), Ellina POKHODNYKH (as The Queen of Dryads) and other ballet artists. Vyacheslav KRAVCHENKO appears as Don Quixote, Dennis TCHERNYAK plays the role of Sancho Panza.

Igor TCHERNETSKY conducts the performance on March 13.

The current Don Quixote production by Ludwig Minkus was premiered on the stage of the Odessa Opera in November 2012.