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13 Mar

An opera soloist Andrey PERFILOV debuts as The Emperor in Turandot

The Odessa Opera soloist Andrey PERFILOV debuts as the Emperor in Turandot that is on stage this Saturday, March 15. He has appeared only as Pong, The Head Chef of the Imperial Kitchen so far (in the photo).


Andrey PERFILOV is the Third Prize winner in two The Antonin Dvorak International Singing Competition in Karlovy Vary (in 2002 and 2005), a Diploma and a Special Prize holder at the Leonid Sobinov 18th International Music Festival (Saratov, 2005), Nikolai Ogrenich Prize holder (2005), a Diploma holder at the Elena Obraztsova International Singing Competition (St.-Petersburg , 2005). The singer graduated the Antonina Nezhdanova Odessa State (National at present) Music Academy in 2003. He has been working at the Odessa Opera since 2002. 

The March 15th performance features Tetyana ZAKHARCHUK, Honored Artist of Ukraine, as Turandot and Olexiy REPCHINSKY as Calàf. Other performers are Larisa ZUENKO, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, as Liù, Irina OLEKSIV and Taisia SHAFRANSKA as Turandot’s handmaids, Vasyl DOBROVOLSKY as Pang, Sergiy KRASNYKH as Ping, Oleg ZLAKOMAN as Pong, Victor SHEVCHENKO as Timur and other soloists, the Odessa Opera chorus, ballet and orchestra.

Igor TCHERNETSKY conducts the performance.

In November 2014 it is going to be 90th death anniversary of Giacomo PUCCINI, Turandot’s author. The opera became his last work. The composer had been working upon the opera up to the very moment of his death. The opera was premiered on April 25, 1926 in Milan.

The opera Turandot in the director’s cut by Christian von GÖTZ (Germany) was premiered in the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre on May22, 2010.

Photos by Tamara KAGANOVICH