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Number 70 to be made with the candles at the theater entrance (photo)

10 Apr

The Odessa Opera personnel commemorated those who had died during the Odessa liberation at the times of WWII.

The Odessa Opera museum has obtained new exhibits

10 Apr

These are the elements of firefighting gear used by the Odessa Opera firefighting personnel during the WWII and displays dedicated to the sponsors of the theatre restoration and sponsors of the Odessa organ restoration.

Happy Odessa Liberation Day!

10 Apr

We greet all citizens of Odessa, wish good health and many a year to all veterans of war and commemorate those who died defending this city 70 years ago.

Five first appearances of the Odessa Ballet soloists in the Carmen Suite on April 4, 2014

2 Apr

Cathrine KALCHENKO, Laureate of International Competitions, performs the title part. Sergiy DOTSENKO, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, dances the part of Don Jose and Dmytro DZENIK appears as Toreador.

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