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Young visitors have the opportunity to visit to the Odessa Opera Theatre Museum free of charge on International Children’s Day

30 May

The museum is open 30 min before the premiere show of the ballet The Lion King and the Queen of Hyenas and during the interval.

Vitaly KOVALCHUK to conduct the 30th May Don Quixote

29 May

Besides, ballerina Natalia IVASENKO appears as one of Kitri’s Friends and in the variations, Olga VOROBYOVA debuts as The Queen of Dryads and Elena PONOMARYOVA performs the part of Gypsy for the first time.

Birthday Greetings to the Principal Choreographer of the Odessa Opera

29 May

Dear Yuri Valentinovich! We wish You were healthy and full of stamina. Let you have many a year in Art, grateful students and everlasting applause. Thank you for being with us!

Four ballet debuts in the Sleeping Beauty

27 May

On 29 May 2014 Natalia IVASENKO debuts as Violente, Anna TYUTYUNNIK appears as The White Cat and Ksenia BADANINA as Little Red Riding Hood. Dmitry BARTOSH dances the part of one of the Four Suitors.

The Odessa Opera produces a ballet for children The Lion King and The Queen of Hyenas (photo)

23 May

The students of the Odessa Ballet School and the Odessa Opera ballet artists take part in the production. The first show takes place on June 1, The International Day of Children.

Alina VOROKH and Vasiyl DOBROVOLSKY debut in the opera La Serva Padrona (The Servant Mistress)

21 May

Alina VOROKH appears as Serpina and Vasily DOBROVOLSKY performs the part of Vespone for the first time. The opera is on Bel-Etage small stage on 24 May.

Two soloists debut in the Barber of Seville

20 May

Yuri Dudar sings Bartolo and Vasily Dobrovolsky appears as Fiorelli for the first time. The show is on stage on May 22.

The Opening Night of the Ballet Yell (“Krik”). Photo coverage and feedback

18 May

The 15th and 16th of May are marked with brilliant premiere of the ballet Yell (“Krik”) produced by Andrei Merkuriev, the ballet celebrity of the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow. The third opening show is today, on 18 May.

The casts for two premiere nights of the ballet Yell (Krik) to be announced

14 May

The 15th of May opening night features Honoured Artist of Russia and the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania Andrey MERKURIEV and Honoured Artists of the Republic of Moldova Maria POLYUDOVA and Vladimir STATNY in leading parts. The leads on 16 and 18 May are Stanislav SKRYNNIK, Catherina KALCHENKO and Honoured Artist of Ukraine Sergiy DOTSENKO.

Susana B. Williams to Andrei Merkuriev, “Are you the Stravinsky of this century's dance? I think you are”

10 May

It was the comment an American choreographer, founder/director of the Dance-Forms Productions posted having seen some fragments of the rehearsals for the ballet "Yel"l (“Krik”). The world premiere of the production takes place at the Odessa Opera on May 15, 16 and 18.

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