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14 Jun

The Odessa Opera soloist Natalia PAVLENKO appears as Turandot for the first time on 20 June

A prizewinner of international competitions Natalia PAVLENKO sings the title part in the opera Turandot by Giacomo Puccini for the first time. The performance takes place on the Odessa Opera stage on 20 June.

According to Natalia's words, People's Artist of the Republic of Moldova Alexandru SAMOILĂ who is also Principal Conductor of the Odessa Opera, offered her to sing this complicated part.

"It was decided after the concert called Wagner's Universe that we will be working on Turandot part in the perspective", a recipient of the Golden Medal and a Special Prize of the Hariclea Darclée International Voice Competition says.

The pieces that Natalia PAVLENKO performed in the concert Wagner's Universe included Zenta's prayer from the opera The Flying Dutchman, area and a prayer of Elisabeth from the operaTannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg (in the video), as well as final aria of Isolde from the opera Tristan and Isolde.

According to the words of the young soloist any dramatic soprano dreams of singing the part of Turandot. However, there are a few who risk doing it because the part is so complicated.

"It is a quite dangerous part for the voice as it is technically difficult to give coloring to the image. One needs extraordinary emotional and physical concentration", Natalia PAVLENKO underlines.

She wants to create the classy image of a Chinese princess who is cruel and cold-blooded and for who Calaf's kiss becomes a real strike that changes her life dramatically.

"I am really thankful to maestro Samoilă who has helped me a lot in my work over this complicated part. I am grateful to my stage partners, the stage director Oksana TARANENKO and my favorite concertmaster Larisa KHOROLENKO for assistance, care and attention", the singer said. 

Olexiy REPCHINSKY sings Calaf on June 20.

The spectators will also hear
Anastasia HOLUB as Liu,
Irina OLEKSIV and Taisia SHAFRANSKAYA as Turandot's handmaids,
Igor TSARKOV as Timur,
Vasyl DOBROVOLSKY, Ruslan ZINEVICH and Andriy PERFILOV as Ping, Pang and Pong,
Ivan FLIAK as Mandarin
and Segiy KRASNYKH as Chinese Emperor.

Alexandru SAMOILĂ, People's Artist of Republic of Moldova, conducts the performance.

The performance is given in the director's cut of Stanislav GAUDASINSKY, People's Artist of Russia.