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22 Oct

An Odessa Opera soloist Vadim TCHERNIGOVSKY debuts as Price Igor on Oktobre 24

The Odessa Opera soloist Vadim TCHERNIGOVSKY performs the lead part in the opera Prince Igor Oktobre 24 for the first time.

Vadim Tchernigovsky appears in the Odessa Opera performances as Uberto (La Serva Padrona by G. Pergolesi), Bartolo (Barber of Seville by G. Rossini), Samuel (Un Ballo en Maschera by G. Verdi), Ferrando (Il Trovatore by G. Verdi) and others. The singer got acclaim as Tomsky in the opera Pique Dame by P. Tchaikovsky (please see the video dated 19 Feb 2014). 

"Vadim Tchernigovsky was impressive as Count Tomsky. […] A confidently outlined part (psychologically easy but important in the context of the opera), mastery singing, unexpected hooligan dancing in the final scene (according to Leo Tolstoy Counts were partying in grand manner and with a certain portion of hooliganism) radiated positive energy and highly artistic", Sergey SHIP, a music expert, wrote after the premiere.

"Everything contributed to the image: magnificent vocal, excellent acting, real professional drive. He (Tchernigovsky, - editor's note) created the image of a rich careless Russian partier with perfect master. On top of that the singer danced in the casino scene with such an expertise that it is diffult to expect that from the opera singer", a journalist Inna KATS noted.

The participants of the next performance of Prince Igor are
Honoured artist of Ukraine Larisa ZUENKO (Yaroslavna),
Honoured artist of Ukraine Olena STARODUBTSEVA (Konchakovna),
Ruslan ZINEVICH (Vladimir Igorevich),
Dmytro PAVLYUK (Konchak),
Andrey PERFILOV (Ovlur),
Yuri DUDAR (Skula),
Sergey KRASNYKH (Yeroshka)
and Yulia TERESHCHUK as Polovtsian girl.

People's Artist of Ukraine Lyudmila SHIRINA performes Yaroslavna's nanny, and People's Artist of Ukraine Vasil NAVROTSKY appears as Vladimir, prince Galitsky.

Aleksandu SAMOILĂ, Principal conductor and People's Artist of the Republic of Moldova conducts the performance.

Next month it will have been three years since the Prince Igor premiere in the director's cut of the People's Artist of Russia Stanislav GAUDASINSKY.