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7 Oct

Bogdan Chabanyuk makes his debut in the Hans party in «Giselle» on October, 8.

 Bogdan Chabanyuk  first will carry out the Hans party in the ballet «Giselle» on October, 8.

Soloist of Odessa Theater of Opera and Ballet Bogdan Chabanyuk will first sing the Hans party in "Giselle"by Adolf Adan. The performance takes place on Wednesday, October, 8.


The soloist of ballet finished Odessa state school of arts and culture by K. F. Dankevich and the International Slavonic university on speciality «ballet-master».

Having been working in Odessa Opera Theatre for 7 years, he danced the party of Lorentso in «Don Quixote» by Ludwig Minkus, Yozef in the ballet «Mystery of the Vienna Wood» to Gustav Maler and Johann Strauss music,   Barmaleo in «Aibolit ХХI » to Nino Roti music, Youth in «Sacred Spring» by Igor Stravinsky, Khoma Sotnik in the opera-ballet «Viy» by Vitaly Gubarenko, the dance of Slave in the ballet «La Bayadere» by Ludwig Minkus, the East dance in «The Nutcracker» by P. Tchaikovsky and so on.


On October, 8 Bogdan Chabanyuk partners will be: 

Olga Vorobyova  (GISELLE),  honoured artist of Ukraine Sergei Dotsenko  (ALBERT),   
honoured artist of Ukraine Harry Sevoyan  (DUKE), Stella Chernova (BATILDA),  Igor Saraginsky(VILFRID), Polina Osetrova  (GISELLE'S MOTHER), Oksana Babich  (MIRTLE) and others.