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20 Mar

Opening of the festive decade

Opening of the festive decade

Grand opening of the festive decade dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Svyatoslav Richter was held in  Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater on March, 20.

At 12-00 on the 20 March a new exhibition "Richter and Odessa" was presented in the theater’s museum . The press conference and the round table were also held.

The participants:

Artistic director - Boris Bloch;

Chairman of the Theatre Company, Academician - Valentin Maksimenko;

Doctor of Arts, Professor, Head of the Chair of Music and Choreography  of K. D. Ushynsky South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University – Sergey Ship;

Candidate of Arts, acting in the lieu of professor, Dean of the faculty of piano-theory and the Head of the Chair of Special Piano ONMA named after A.V. Nezhdanova - Pavel Mulyar.



On a Small Stage "Bel Etage" the gala concert was held at 15-30. The works by Theophil Richter (Quartet for Strings), Richard Wagner (Five Songs of the poems by Mathilde Wesendonck), Robert Schuman, Ottorino Respighiwere performed. Boris Bloch opened the concert performing the Polonaise №2 (E- major) by Franz Liszt..

Festive decade will last till March, 31.

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