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1 Jul

The last show in the 205th season!

The 205th season was rich with big premieres! 
The opera-ballet "Viy" by Vitaly Gubarenko after  the novel by Nikolay Gogol was one of them.
Georgy Kovtun, People's Artist of Tatarstan, Honoured Art Worker of Russian was  the director and choreographer, Alexandru Samoila, People's Artist of the Republic of Moldova, was the conductor ."The play is filled with mystical senses that are transmitted with the help of music, painting, dance and voice.
Nikolay Gogol is also plunged into the action of the play, being its main character. He creates his characters that are born in his mind and they get into the conflict with the author ."
- says Georgy Kovtun.
Don't miss this season last meeting with the master of phantasmagoria on July, 2 at 18:30.