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29 Aug

Festive ball at the Potemkin Stairs.

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater is a world-known brand of our city, its business card. Hence, exactly here, perhaps, for the first time in the history of the City Day celebrations, a central event of the celebrations will be the festive of classical art. Haven’t you got any time to go to the opera? Then the opera comes to you on the City day.

A great open - air concert expects you with its multi-genres, polyphony and live sound. The citizens will enjoy the orchestra and choir, ballet and the leading soloists of the Odessa Opera House. The spectators will see and listen to the hits of the world opera and ballet masterpieces of Ukrainian classics, the soundtracks from the films, the excerpts from the cult musicals and even popular hits.


We hope that the celebration of the City Day with the celebration of the festive of classical art will become a tradition, which suits the spirit of our South Palmyra and reflects the true essence of Odessa - "the museum in the open air."