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5 Dec

Odessa Opera House is shown in the promo video of tourist potential of Ukraine.

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade presented the video, dedicated to the tourist potential of Ukraine - Experience Ukraine.

The video is taken and run as a part of the government's campaign Ukraine. Open for U with the assistance of Western NIS Enterprise Fund.

It is intended to show Ukraine as a country with its own unique history and traditions that is able to offer a wide range of tourist products for the visitors, from ski and sea resorts to the unique cultural and historic places. It is also used to revive the tourists’ interest to travel around Ukraine, as well as contribute to the flow of foreign investment in the tourism industry.

A three-minute video during which you can enjoy a composition of the group "Okean Elzy» «Wherever you are», demonstrates the unique geopolitical position of the country, rivers and lakes, the National Natural Park "Oleshky Sands", the Black Sea coast, one of the best operas in the world - in Odessa, unique architectural monuments, which are included in the UNESCO list, the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains.

"We are pleased to support the project that generates a positive interest of the international community in Ukraine, which may contribute to qualitative changes in the country", - commented President and Executive Director of WNISEF Yaroslava Johnson.

The storyline of the video was developed collaboratively with the Ministry of Economic Development. The idea and implementation - Titanium Presentations.

"Preparing the video, the company took photos of views of western, central and eastern regions. We made excellent scenes from a helicopter and roof of the train and after that we arranged the video, set it on the track of the group “Okean Elzy”. All authors’ rights are reserved, of course. The basic idea is to convey the diversity of our land. The video satisfies all claims. As if it says - Ukraine is a beautiful and safe country, so you are welcome! "- said the First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Yulia Kovaliv.

According to the representatives of the Ministry, Ukraine is able to attract more European tourists due to cheapening the cost of services in the home market.