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10 Dec

Announcement. The opera ” Un ballo in maschera” by G. Verdi

 December, 12 the opera " Un ballo in maschera " by G.Verdi in the director's Carlo Antonio de Lucia (Italy) will be staged in the theatre.

An Italian writer Gabriele d'Annunzio called the opera " Un ballo in maschera " by G. Verdi "the most melodramatic out of melodramas."

The world premiere of " Un ballo in maschera " was held on February 17, 1859 in the Roman theater Apollo. It was a huge success, thanks to the great advantages of music by Verdi.

"The music of the opera is characterized by vivacity, beauty and wealth of melodies as well as expressive orchestral colors. Production is full of vivid contrasts: gloomy scenes are changed with joyful ones, a dramatic denouement happens amid ball. The composer widely used song and dance genres that gifted a special expressiveness to the music. Verdi's dramatic skill is fully demonstrated in the superb choral and ensemble scenes. "(M. Druskin)


Cast on December, 12

Richard, Earl of Warwick (tenor) - Aleksey Ryabchinskiy

Renato, his secretary (baritone) - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Viktor Mityushkin

Amelia, Renato’s wife (soprano) - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Tatiana Zakharchuk

Ulrica, a gypsy (mezzo-soprano / contralto) - Marina Godulyan

Oscar, the page count (soprano) - Anastasia Golub

Silvano, a sailor (baritone / bass) - Yuriy Dudar

Tom, conspirer (bass) - Viktor Shevchenko

Samuel, conspirer (bass) - Vadim Chernigovskiy

Judge (tenor) - Andrey Perfilov

Amelia’s servant (tenor) - Sergey Krasnykh

Conductor - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Igor Shavruk

The performance starts at 16.00.

Welcome to Odessa Opera House!