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2 Mar

Debut! Ballet artists will appear as new characters

On March 2 a ballet dancer Anastasia Bannikova will first perform Batilda in the ballet "Giselle" by A. Adam, and a ballet dancer Kristina Pavlova will debut as Willis.

Cast :

Giselle, a peasant girl - Alexandra Vorobyova

Duke Albrecht, disguised as a peasant - Dmitriy Sharay

Myrtha, the Queen of the Wilis - Alina Sharay

Hilarion, a forester - Bogdan Chabanyuk

Giselle’s mother- Veronika Semchuk

Wilfride, Albert's squire - Vitaliy Rozdaybeda

Duke of Courtland- Dmitriy Bartosh

Bathilde, his daughter, Albrecht - Anastasia Bannikova (debut)

Pas de deux - Ekaterina Bartosh, Denis Chernyak

Zelma, Monna, the Wilis - Ekaterina Burdik, Kristina Pavlova (debut)

Giselle’s friends- Daria Gorodilova, Ksenia Zakharchenko, Olga Kolomiets, Anna Tyutyunnik, Anastasia Paliy, Anastasia Yarotskaya

Conductor - Igor Chernetskiy