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7 Nov

Opera and ballet artists will perform new parts!

On November 8 the opera "Prince Igor" by A. Borodin is dedicated to the 90 th anniversary of People's Artist of the USSR Ninel Tkachenko!

For the first time the part of Vladimir Igorevich will be performed by Eduard Martynyuk, Alexander Prokopovich will first appear as
Yeroshka! Ekaterina Burdik for the first time will perform the part of Slave girl in the Polovtsian Act! We wish success to our artists!

Cast (November 8):

IGOR SVYATOSLAVICH, Prince Severskiy (baritone) - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Viktor Mityushkin
YAROSLAVNA, his wife by the second marriage (soprano) - Natalya Pavlenko
VLADIMIR IGOREVICH, his son from his first marriage (tenor) - Eduard Martynyuk (debut)
VLADIMIR YAROSLAVICH, Prince of Galich, Yaroslavna’s brother (high bass) - Dmitriy Pavlyuk
KONCHAK, Polovtsian Khan (bass) - Viktor Shevchenko
KONCHAKOVNA, his daughter (contralto) - Ekaterina Tsymbalyuk
OVLUR, a Christian Polovtsian (tenor) - Andrey Perfilov
SCULA, a gudok-player (bass) - Yuriy Dudar
YEROSHKA, a  gudok -player (tenor) - Alexander Prokopovich (debut)
POLOVTSIAN MAIDEN (soprano) - Alina Vorokh
YAROSLAVNA’S NANNY (soprano) - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Nadezhda Shakun

Abdurakhman - Dmitriy Bartosh
Ali - Denis Vasilyev
Chaga - Marina Strizhakova
Slave girl - Ekaterina Burdik (debut)

With the participation of the choir, ballet and orchestra of the theatre

Conductor - Igor Chernetski