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4 May

Theatre has acquiredan optical video system to examine vocal cords

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre has acquired an endoscopic digital system with full HD quality to examine the larynx and vocal cords.

“This is an optical video system that allows to perform a detailed diagnostics and detects the smallest lesions of the vocal cords, up to the initial stages of malignant tumors - something that the doctor may not see using just a laryngeal mirror,” explains the phoniatrist Svetlana Mikhailyuk.

The optical system allows you to take both photo and video, and all images are displayed on the monitor.

“There are similar devices in city hospitals, but no theatre in Ukraine has such one,” says Svetlana Mikhailuk.

For two years the doctor was looking for sponsors who would help purchase the system, butlargely in vain. Considering the importance of acquiring such a device for examining vocalists and caring for their employees, the theatre management with theatre workerstrade union purchased a device manufactured by North-Southern Electronics for $ 3,300.

Examination with the help of the new system - as well as doctor visits - will be free for the theatre staff.