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22 Aug

Nine events – nine unforgettable nights

Yesterday at a press conference the theatre leaders, philanthropists and sponsors of the forum told the reporters about nine events that are included in the programme of the V Art Festival “Mellow Season in Odessa Opera House”.

“Culture is the best diplomat,” said Serhii Hrynevetskyi, Chairman of the Theatre Supervisory Board, Honourary Citizen of Odessa and Odessa Region. The theatre general director Nadiia Babich emphasized: “Traditionally, festivals are dedicated only to opera artor only to ballet art. The uniqueness of “Mellow Season in Odessa Opera House”is that it is opera and ballet festival. So, any person can find an interesting performance by preference - with the participation either the world opera or ballet stars or our leading artists. ”

The participators of the meeting:
Serhii Miulberh – Deputy director general of the theatre;
Ilona Khilkovska - First secretary of the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine, Director of the Israeli Cultural Center NATIV in Odesa;
Tetiana Markova - Director of the Culture and Tourism department of Odesa City Council;
Yaroslava Riznykova- Deputy head of the Culture department of Odesa Regional State Administration;
Oleh Platonov - Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Plaske PJSC;
Stanislav Liashenko - Head of the Central Branch of MTB BANK PJSC in Odessa;
Eduard Chukhir - Director for Regional DevelopmentLLC “Concert.ua”;
Tetiana Akulenko - director of the public organization "Mongoose".

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