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26 Sep

The premiere of the opera “Il Trovatote” will be held on this weekend

On this weekend the premiere of a new version of the opera “Il Trovatore” by Giuseppe Verdi will be held on the stage of the theatre on September 28 and 29. After the production “Lohengrin”, which took place on August 1, it will be the second premiere of the 210th season.

The performance “Il Trovatore” is another example of fruitful creative collaboration, a co-production of an international team of directors from Ukraine, Germany and the Netherlands. It is the second co-project (the first was the opera “Madama Butterfly” by Giacomo Puccini, which was premiered in April) this year. Stage designer Karel Spanhak (the Netherlands) and costume designer Ulrike Kremer (Germany) have already got acquainted with the theatre having been at work on “Madama Butterfly”, but director Thilo Reinhardt (Germany) is conducting rehearsals with our troupe for the first time.

According to the director, the central theme of the production is revenge, the heroes have “become saturated” with it from their ancestors. But, as Thilo Reinhard emphasizes, there is a force that overcomes hatred, and that power is love.

The premiere of the new version “Il Trovatore” will be held under the baton of conductor Ihor Chernetskyi, Honoured Artist of Ukraine.

In October the theatre artists will go on a tour with a new performance to Belgium and the Netherlands.

The premiere of “Il Trovatore” was held in Rome on January 19, 1853; in the former Russian Empire, Odessa became the first city where the opera was presented - it happened in 1854. The plot of “Il Trovatore” is borrowed from the play with the same name by the Spanish playwright Antonio García Gutierrez, who reflected the real historical events in Spain in the 15th century. Giuseppe Verdi was inspired by implacable hostility and faithful love, sharp contrasts, violent clashes, the strong feelings of romantic drama. The composer wrote an opera about the rebellious spirit of freedom, about the heroic struggle for individual freedom, about the eternal opposition of freedom and violence. Verdi's contemporaries heard revolutionary sounds in his music and choral pieces became patriotic songs of the Italians.