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12 Nov

Tenor Vitalii Liskovetskyi will debut in the opera “Vii”

The soloist of the opera troupe Vitalii Liskovetskyi will first perform the role of Sotnik for the first time in the opera-ballet “Vii” by Vitalii Hubarenko. The performance will be held tomorrow, on November 13.

Vitalii Liskovetskyi is a laureate and diploma winner of international competitions. He graduated from Lviv National Music Academy named after Mykola Lysenko. He worked as a soloist in the Lviv, Kharkiv and Dnieper operas. In 2019 he was invited to Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. The singer’s repertoire includes more than fifteen opera parts. He toured in Poland, Russia, China, Spain and the UK. In 2016-2018 he continually worked in the theatres of the UK - in Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburghand Belfast.

In the performance on November 13 the part of Pannochka will be performed by ballet dancer Veronika Levshyna, Khoma – baritone Yurii Dudar, Gogol - ballet dancer Dmytro Bartosh.

Conductor – Vitalii Kovalchuk.