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28 Jul

Information about work of the theater in August 2020

 Dear friends!

July 23 this year the directors' board of the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater took place, where the issue of resuming the theater was considered. In accordance with the Decree No. 641 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 05/20/2020, the theater is idle until July 31. In order to gradually prepare the theater for work in the new 211 season, it was decided to start the work of the collective from August 1. The heads of the theater's structural divisions must, by July 29, provide the theater management with detailed proposals for the rehearsal schedules for the art personnel in full compliance with the requirements of Resolution No. 641 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Odessa City Commission of TEB and Emergency Situations.
So, from August 1, it is planned to conduct rehearsals and prepare for working with a repertoire, consisting of concert programs and performances that do not require the involvement of a large orchestra and choir.
The first long-awaited meetings with the audience should take place on August 8-9 - your favorite arias, songs, scenes from operas performed by the artists of the Odessa Opera are waiting for you.
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