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28 Aug

Important! Quarantine extended until October 31! Theater work and visiting rules during quarantine!

 Dear viewers!

Adaptive quarantine in Ukraine has been extended until October 31, but we continue to delight you in the new 211st theatrical season.
Your health is as important to us as the health of the artists and staff of the Odessa Opera.
To ensure maximum safety for everyone, we ask you to comply with
the following requirements:
1. Put on your mask when entering the theater and do not take it off while in the theater building.
2. Observe a social distance of 1.5 meters between spectators, at the box office, at the entrance / exit to the theater, when visiting the restrooms.
3. To avoid crowds of people at the box office before the start of the performance (concert), if possible, buy tickets in advance.
4. Disinfect your hands. The disinfectant dispenser is located at the main entrance to the auditorium.
5. Walk straight to your seat.
6. In the auditorium, under no circumstances change seats, take the seat indicated on the ticket and always keep the necessary distance between you and other visitors.
7. We ask you to express your admiration only with applause, without shouting "Bravo!"
8. Do not linger in the theater after the performance (concert) and leave the room by the shortest route.
We also inform you that:
- In September, evening performances (concerts) will start at 18:30.
- The seating plan is adapted to the requirements of the Decree of the Chief Sanitary Doctor dated 08/04/2020 No. 45 "On the introduction of changes to Timchasov's recommendations for organizing anti-epidemic visits every hour of cultural ”, That is, the number of seats for which tickets are sold has been reduced to provide the necessary social distance.
- In September, performances (concerts) will be held without intermission.
- The administration of the theater takes care of the audience and after each performance (concert) all rooms and the auditorium are thoroughly disinfected.
We care about your health and are always glad to see you healthy and happy in our theater!