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14 Oct

Congratulations on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine!

 Dear defenders of independent Ukraine!

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of the Day of the Defender of Ukraine! This holiday is celebrated in Ukrainian society on the day of the great Orthodox holiday - the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin. It was the Holy Intercession that had long been the protector of the Ukrainian Cossacks, and now of the Ukrainian army.
Today, Defender of the Fatherland Day is special for those who defend our land with weapons in their hands. Realizing their high purpose - to protect the lives and peaceful work of their people, today's generation of heroes of modern Ukrainian history takes an example from their predecessors. After all, love for their native land and parental home, respect for Ukrainian traditions and native language were inherited by them and under no circumstances can they be devalued.
Dear defenders of Ukraine! Thank you for your devotion to Ukraine and its people! May our sacred Ukrainian land be forever blessed, free and independent! We wish you and your family members good health for many years, harmony, goodness and peace, success in everyday life and military service in the name of building the Ukrainian army!
Sincerely, theater administration