Congratulations on Flag Day and Independence Day!

23 Aug

The artists of Odesa Opera House will give a concert for Independence Day

22 Aug

The artists will sing in Golden Hall of the Literary Museum on August 23.

Nine events – nine unforgettable nights

22 Aug

The event organizers told about the festival “Mellow Season in Odessa Opera House”.

Four ballet artists will debut in “Walpurgis Night”

20 Aug

The performance will be held tomorrow on August, 21.

August 18 is a day of mourning in Odessa

17 Aug

Nine people died by fire in a hostel “Tokyo Star”.

Anastasiia Korno will debut in the ballet "Don Quixote"

17 Aug

The performance will be held on Sunday, August 18.

Oleksii Zhmudenko will first perform the main part in the opera "Eugene Onegin"

15 Aug

The soloist of National Opera of Ukraine Serhii Kovnir will join the Odessa artists.

Three ballet artists will debut in the ballet “Yell”

14 Aug

Olha Pylypeiko will dance the Goddess and the sisters Veronika and Anzhelika Levshyna – Friends.

Vlada Arizonova will debut in “Pearls of World Ballet”

13 Aug

The artist will dance in “Carnival de Venice”.

Volodymyr Filipchuk, the head of Trust Board of the theatre, died

13 Aug

He was a connoisseur of classical music, as well as a philanthropist and loyal friend of our theatre.

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