Information about the results of the contestfor the vacant posts of the vocalist artists

12 Apr

The winners are TereshchukYulia, Zhmudenko Aleksey, LiskovetskiyVitaliy and LyanEkaterina.

Stanislav Skrynnik will first perform the part of Soloron April 11

10 Apr

The theatre-goers will also enjoyfor the first time ballet dancers Olga Pilipeyko and Marina Strizhakovain Trio of Shades.

Congratulations on The Day of Odessa Liberation!

10 Apr

The premiere was held!

7 Apr

The premiere of the world famous performance“Madama Butterfly” by G. Puccini was held with great successon the stage of Odessa Opera House.

We invite to the premiere!

4 Apr

Domenico Menini will perform the part of Pinkerton at the premiere of the opera “Madame Butterfly”!

27 Mar

Hiroko Morita will perform the part of Chio-Chio-San at the premiere!

27 Mar

Congratulations on the International Theatre Day!

27 Mar

Ekaterina Tomashek, Anastasia Yarotskaya, Roman Lobkin and Olga Mikhaylichenko will debut!

14 Mar

Opera "Aida" under the baton of Alla Kulbaba!

12 Mar

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