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The auditorium of the Odessa Opera House is decorated in the style of the late French rococo, decorated with stucco ornamentation with the finest gold.  Sink with the curls of different shapes is the main idea of the ornament. The tracery ornament is never repeated. There is the abundance of marble, velvet, shining crystal, sparkling mirrors and gilding.

The auditorium is surrounded with the luxury promenade galleries.The modeling of the tiers, side lobbies and along the stairs are performed with special grace.

The plafond is divided into four segments - medallions, originally painted by Franz Leffler (after the fire in 1925 they were renovated by Michael Zandin). The scenes from Shakespeare's "Hamlet", "Midsummer Night's Dream," "Winter's Tale" and "The twelfth Night, or What You Will" are depicted on them. In the center there is a large chandelier, amazing by the abundance and grace of openwork details. The first stage curtain was also painted by Leffler and depicted a scene from the play "Ruslan and Lyudmila".

The building consists of a lobby, horseshoe-shaped auditorium with galleries (for 1635 seats) and a rectangular stage (the whole area is 500 sq. m., the  backstage is 200 sq. m.) with a utility space. The designing of the auditorium is radial, so the aisles are radiated from the center in different directions. The stairs leading to the exit from the theater also have tiers. The building is overlapped with the system of zinked metal trusses.


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